15 tips to prepare your child's return to school

15 tips to prepare your child's return to school

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The 15 best tips for children to start a new school year with health


Talk to your child about all the positive things that going back to school will bring: reuniting with friends, learning new skills ... Explain that he will go on excursions, learn many things and make new friends. It strengthens their self-esteem and the positive aspect of starting classes again.

You can go shopping together. This way they will participate in preparing all the school supplies they need. Let them choose notebooks, pencil case, pens, clothes, uniform ... You can cover the books together and let them write their name. They will live back to school with more enthusiasm.

If this is the first time your child is going to school, they will have to adapt to the schedules progressively. It is convenient that you can have a few days off to accompany him in his first days. At first he will only go to school for a little while and little by little he will stay longer.

Do you have a vaccine pending? Now is the time. Try to ensure that the child has all the vaccines that correspond to him and you have not given him yet, before school starts.

Remember that allergies can appear at any time. If you observe any of their symptoms in your child, consult with the allergist. Be especially careful with food allergies, and notify school in advance if your child suffers from any so that they take it into account when preparing their menu.

Going back to school can cause stress and anxiety in your child, especially if he has self-esteem problems. Make sure your child is not sad, down, and fearful. If you detect any symptoms of depression, consult your pediatrician before the child begins classes.

If the child does not sleep well at night, he will not be able to perform well during the day. It is not just that you sleep long hours, but that the quality of your sleep is good. If you notice that you wake up very often and that you are very sleepy during the day, you are probably not sleeping well.

After a vacation, getting back into the routine is not an easy task. A few days before your son starts school, you see him again imposing schedules at bedtime and lunch. You can also prepare exercises with the knowledge acquired in the previous course. This way he will get used to the school routine again.

Feeding the child is a basic pillar. Now that school is about to start, you have to watch more than ever that its menu is balanced. You will need protein, more vitamins, and foods rich in potassium as your mental activity will increase.

Take your child to the ENT. Not only to detect possible hearing problems. It may also need a deep cleaning if it produces a lot of wax. Checking the child's vision and hearing health is essential before starting classes.

Before any spot that makes you doubt, a new mole that has just appeared after the summer, or before an outbreak of dermatitis, take your child to the dermatologist. Once the problem is diagnosed, they will indicate the most appropriate treatment for the child.

Detect cavities early. Perhaps during the summer you have developed one. If you want to avoid complications during the course, take your child to the dentist and make sure everything is in order. Remember that cavities can be very painful.

Before your child starts school, choose the most suitable backpack according to their weight. At Guiainfantil we have tips to protect your child's back. Adequate physical exercise will also help you avoid pain.

Before starting school, take your child to the ophthalmologist. If you detect any vision problems early, you will be helping them to maintain their learning pace. If your child does not see well, it is normal for him to have problems at school.

Don't let the terrible lice accompany your child to school. Before starting classes, check the child's head very well to detect these nasty parasites in time. And don't forget the maintenance lotion throughout the course.