Tips for choosing nursery school for your baby

Tips for choosing nursery school for your baby

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The great concern of parents when they have to leave their baby in a nursery or kindergarten is whether their little one will be well cared for, protected and educated, while they are at work. Choosing a nursery school can be a difficult decision for many families, especially when it comes to new parents.

Thinking about how difficult it is for many parents to choose the right nursery school for their baby, we have put together some 10 practical tips for it:

1- Nurseries or kindergartens must be authorized by the public administration. This means that both your project and your space meet the formal requirements necessary to carry out your activity.

2- It is important that the school is close to the family's home or workplace. And always keep your doors open to the family. The communication is very important.

3- Before deciding on the best school, it is recommended that you visit a few, personally and that you chat with the educational team and the management about the activities they develop with the little ones, if they have appropriate training and experiences in early childhood education, etc. If they do not inspire confidence or if their educational program does not match what you expect, do not hesitate, you should find another school.

4- During the personal visit to the school, it is very important that you carefully observe the cleanliness of its facilities (including the kitchen and bathrooms), as well as the quality of the toys, pedagogical material and furniture, the air conditioning and how the security on windows, doors, etc.

5- If your baby is going to eat at school, you have every right to know what he is going to eat every day. Ask for the weekly menu, so it will be easier for you to choose a complementary dinner for him.

6- It is advisable, before deciding in which school you will leave your baby, that you look for and talk to other parents who have their children at school. Ask for their opinion.

7- The quality / price ratio offered by the school is also important when choosing a venue. Remember that there will be a different price depending on the schedule and the services you request.

8- Learn about the adaptation period that the school adopts for babies, as well as how the school team faces conflictive adaptation situations. The baby needs to go to school happily.

9- Communication between parents and the school is essential for the well-being and development of the baby. Your child will be the "thermometer", the main indicator of school satisfaction. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to be attentive to the signals that their baby sends, if you observe that something has changed in his behavior, if he has become a more crying baby, if he comes clean, if he does not present any injuries ... to look for explanations.

10- It is extremely important that you know the evolution of your baby at school. Through the evaluations and tutorials promoted by the school, you will be able to know the skills and abilities that your baby is learning.

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