Tips for parents about going back to school

Tips for parents about going back to school

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The first days of school, the post-vacation syndrome, the expenses of going back to school, the choice of extracurricular activities or the uniform are just some of the aspects that parents have to face when their children start the school year.

The psychologist Elvira Sánchez-Igual, director of Communication of AMEI (World Association of Early Childhood Educators) offers us some good advice to successfully face going back to school.

Does post-vacation syndrome affect children too?
Post-vacation syndrome affects children just as it does adults. When we return from vacation, adults are more irritable, it is more difficult for us to get up early and we are in a worse mood because it is difficult for us to readjust our routines. The exact same thing happens to children.

During the first days, the children will be more sleepy, they will be more tired and irritable because before they spent the whole morning playing with their toys and now they have to spend the whole morning at the educational center.

What signs can tell us that children are suffering from this syndrome after the holidays?
Actually, what will give us the clue that the child is not well is that he will be more irritable, because he can no longer do what he wants at all times and he will be more sleepy because he will be more tired .

Probably, it also manifests it through appetite, it will eat a little worse as a sign of rebellion, of not being comfortable with the situation and it can show it with tantrums and tantrums. Some children may even pee when they didn't before.

In times of crisis, what advice would you give parents to save money on going back to school?
Going back to school always supposes a very important cost for families. We recommend, since we know that at the end of August or beginning of September we will have to make a significant outlay, to have a forecast of expenses.

We can also recycle material from the previous year, we do not have to change the case every year, colored pencils may serve us from one year to another and backpacks, depending on the state, may also serve us.

Extracurricular activities, when are they recommended?
Extracurricular activities are recommended as long as they are constructive for the child, that is, it is very good that children, once school hours are over, reinforce what they have learned or even acquire new knowledge. But the child must experience these extracurricular activities as something playful.

We have to reach a kind of agreement within the possibilities, because if you tell a child that from 5 to 7 he has to be playing soccer, it will seem divine, but if you tell him that he has to be playing the violin, and not you like it, it will seem tedious. We have to try to reach an agreement that they are positive extracurricular activities for their learning, but also that they are fun.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing the uniform?
Wearing the uniform has advantages and disadvantages. There are advocates and experts who even tell you that it can cancel out the personality. Without going to extremes, the truth is that the use of a uniform is very comfortable, both for parents and children, because on the one hand you no longer have to think or discuss with the child what clothes to wear tomorrow, the child wears the uniform and, since you will see that the rest of the children also wear the uniform, you will not experience it as something imposed, but as something normal.

It is also true that from an economic point of view it is much cheaper for the child to wear a uniform than for them to have many different clothes. And then also, on the one hand, the uniform is not that it cancels the personality of the child, since the child has many ways of expressing his personality, from the hairstyle he wears to his way of speaking, his way of expressing himself, his communication not verbally, and then she has the whole weekend to wear the clothes he likes, which she will appreciate much more. Generally, it is the school council together with the management of the center, which decides whether or not to establish the school uniform as mandatory.

What precautions should parents take when choosing a nursery for their baby?
The choice of the educational center by the parents is always something that must be carefully considered. There are a number of parameters that make a nursery school or college ideal. We are talking about the proximity to the parents' workplace or home, the type of education they offer, because each educational center has a different didactic philosophy (Montessori method, bilingual, Waldorf pedagogy ...) and the ideology of the center. colloquially if it is a secular or religious school.

You also have to see if it is a school that has many extracurricular activities or that does not have extracurricular activities in the afternoons. Basically, what is very important, regardless of the education we want to give our children, is that the center inspires confidence in us, and for that, what you have to do is go to the educational center, talk to the management team, talk to the teacher and seek to offer us confidence.

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