The legend of the stork and the babies

The legend of the stork is a story that parents told their children, and these in turn, when they became parents, related to their little ones. A story that has passed from generation to generation and that helped modest parents to avoid bringing up the subject of sexuality with children.

And, for years, the story most told to children about where babies come from had a stork as the protagonist.

The history of the stork is very old. Do you know where it comes from? The first time this legend was heard was in Scandinavia Hundreds of years ago, and it is that in those lands, mothers told their children that the stork had brought them. Why this bird? For them it symbolized motherhood due to the great protection they dedicate to their young or even older or sicker birds.

Furthermore, the fact that they nested in chimneys and roofs of houses and returned year after year to lay their eggs and care for their young, made them the perfect character to 'bring children' to families eager to have children.

However, it was literature that helped to spread this legend and make it very popular. More specifically, it was the writer of children's stories, Hans Christian Andersen who helped with the task thanks to his story: Storks. It is a story that talks about the customs of this bird, but like other stories of the nineteenth century, it has very hard passages.

The legend of the stork was growing and establishing itself little by little in popular culture, to such an extent that the peculiarity was added that They came from Paris to give it a more romantic character.

The story of the stork that brings the baby in a basket and leaves it in front of the door of the house, gave way in many families to explain the conception using metaphors with growing seeds, but nowadays more and more parents turn to reality and face in a way natural and direct issues of sexuality with their children.

To this day, it is a symbol of motherhood and many companies dedicated to baby products use the stork with its baby as an identity mark.

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