Winter menu for underweight children

Winter menu for underweight children

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When there is in the child a lack of energy intake or protein or nutrient, there is a growth arrest and a delay in maturation, the more intense the higher the growth rate, with puberty being the period of greatest risk.

To help your child gain weight in the healthiest way possible, try to serving foods that are full of nutrients and let them be high calorie.

Take advantage of the winter time to offer more caloric foods, such as nuts, legumes ... You should avoid foods that are high in sugar, saturated fat and sodium.

Apart from food, it is necessary for parents of very thin children to look for the reason why children do not gain weight. For this, it is advisable to consult a doctor for a health check-up. Problems such as the small production of breast milk, in the case of babies, can be the cause. Other problems may be related to the gut. The children's pediatrician should be consulted.

Menu made byCristina Abascal,Nutritionist.

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