Postcard with Christmas angel. Felt crafts

Postcard with Christmas angel. Felt crafts

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During Christmas we spend a lot of time with the family and having fun with the children. They are the protagonists of these parties, who take advantage of Christmas the most to have fun, who are on vacation for a reason.

That is why it is important to plan some ideas for the children to be entertained, such as games, songs or crafts.

In We present some ideas for felt crafts, such as this postcard with a Christmas angel, for you to do with your children.

  • Orange felt
  • Dark blue felt
  • Flesh colored felt
  • Light blue cardstock
  • Black marker
  • Purple thread
  • Yellow thread
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors

1. To form the base of the card, cut a light blue card stock 15 x 30 cm, and fold it in half. So we will have a 15 x 15 cm postcard.

2. Print out the angel template (you can download it HERE) and cut out the silhouettes.

3. With a black marker, mark the silhouettes on the felt, then carefully cut them out.

4. Glue the pieces to the cardboard. To form the body, roll up the semicircle and glue it into a cone. Place the body on the cardboard putting a little glue in the center, on the sides put the wings, tucking them a little below.

5. Cut two pieces of thread or twine the same size. Glue them to the feet, and then put the other end inside the body, put a little glue to fix the thread.

6. Put glue around the head, cut a few yellow threads and glue the angel's hair. With a black marker, draw the eyes and the mouth, you already have your postcard!

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