6 games for babies from 0 to 3 years

6 games for babies from 0 to 3 years

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The baby, from birth, begins to perceive everything around him. For him it is a new world, full of sensations and stimuli that he did not know. And despite his slight limitations of sight and movement, he can interact with the people around him in many ways.: by crying, looking, smiling ...

We tell you how you can stimulate your baby from birth to 3 years. Write down these 6 games for babies from 0 to 3 years old.

The baby is related to all the people around him from birth. It has its own way of communicating and of course, it perceives an infinite number of stimuli. It's a new world for him, and everything catches his attention, from the brightness of a ray of sunlight to the sound of the wind.

The way to play with the newborn has to do with the stimulation of their senses. You will notice that He is very interested in listening and seeing everything around him. Afterwards, the improvement of eyesight and psychomotor skills will make him interact better with everyone and will be able to actively participate in some games. Discover the best 6 games for babies from 0 to 3 years with which you can stimulate your baby:

1. The bathroom. For the newborn baby, bathing is a time that can be relaxing and very stimulating. The sounds of the water splashing, the warm sensation on the skin, the texture of the oil or body lotion while you give it a massage ... Take advantage of this moment to sing a song, to look into his eyes and caress him. Far from being just another routine, bathing can be an excellent game for your baby. And as you grow, the game can be much more entertaining. As soon as your child begins to sit up, he can splash around, grab a toy in the bathroom, or try playing with the water and foam.

2. The mirror. From the moment your child begins to fix his gaze (after approximately 3 months), you can show him a mirror to reveal himself. At first you may not understand very well who that baby in front of you is, but by seeing that he moves at the same time as he does, you will begin to connect ideas and realize that it is himself. A fabulous exercise for the brain and coordination of movements.

3. Dance. Dancing with the newborn is very beneficial for him. You boost your sense of rhythm and improve your mood. Dance with your baby, and when he starts to walk, encourage him to do it.

4. Show you pictures. Download those photographs that you have saved on your mobile. Babies love to see photos in an album, and remember what they were like when they were born ... and how they changed as the months went by. You can also do the same with photographs of animals, plants and objects ... You can sit down with your child and show him the photos. Take the opportunity to comment on everything you are seeing and expand your vocabulary in this way.

5. Games with cardboard boxes. An excellent craft with recycled material is to create toys for your child from cardboard boxes that you no longer need. A simple box can be a fabulous car for your child. Power your imagination with this fun game.

6. The manteo. If your child can walk and has more strength in his arms, he will love this game. With a blanket, you and your child can play at keeping dolls. It is a very fun game and helps to develop eye-hand coordination.

7. War of papers. Can there be anything more fun than a paper ball battle? Try playing with your child. Using a newspaper or magazine, use the leaves to make small balls of paper. Use some chairs as trenches. Each one will have a number of paper balls, which will be the ammunition. At three, you and your son start throwing the paper balls. War on! Also, this game is not just fun. With it, you will be improving their visual tracking and distance calculation. Your child will also have to coordinate the movement to direct his projectile and correctly dose the strength of his arms.

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