6 tips to avoid a sedentary lifestyle in your child

6 tips to avoid a sedentary lifestyle in your child

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I am a mom of this time. Telecommuting, but my girl arrives before I finish. I leave her watching television or playing with her dolls while I finish my work. I turn off the computer and put it to work. He finishes his duty and eats, plays for a while in his room and then we tell him a story and he falls asleep. It's melted!

Yes, when I put her to bed I see her tired ... but from school, from watching television and playing in her room. And you will ask me: And the sport? Only swimming class on Sundays. If the same happens to you, discover with me how we can ensure that our children are not sedentary. Do you accept the challenge?

Experts say that a child should have 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity. Few succeed. Obesity is skyrocketing and today's children have less physical activity than we did. These are the tips for moms who want to avoid sedentary children.

1. Enroll them in a sport
Just swimming on Sundays is not enough. Try to get your child to practice his favorite sport at least twice a week. Dancing and dancing will also make you move your body.

2. Active family time
Trade the mall for a picnic. Try to take your child where he has to run. Take it to your cousins ​​with whom you play soccer or with friends with whom you do not stop betting races. It includes family programs as moments of activity for the whole family: going to the bike path, taking a bike ride, rollerblading, going for a walk somewhere, etc. Do your physical activity too so that you set an example and invite them to participate if possible.

3. Leave the car at home
If something is close by, or on weekends when there is not so much rush, walk or bike together wherever you need it. It will be physical activity for the whole family.

4. Set limits and discipline
To watch television and to connect to the tablet or computer. It is not a question of prohibiting but rather of rationing the consumption of these devices that keep it glued and generate laziness and little activity.

5. Television and computer outside the room
It is not recommended even for adults, the room is a place to rest and the children's is to play and rest. If you have it there in your room you will feel that you have the right to always have it on.

6. Buy them toys that make them move
Balls, rackets, bicycles, skates, that make them move, set goals and enjoy free time.

Remember that you also have a body to take care of because you want to be a healthy mom or dad and last a long time. Enjoy this new stage as a family.

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