How to get your child into sports

How to get your child into sports

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Sport is a great complement in the development of children. It is a fun activity that brings you many benefits. Thus, practicing sports ensures that the little one enjoys good health, makes him feel good, provides him with energy to carry out other activities and increases his capacity for analysis and concentration.

The environment that surrounds the child has great influence in all areas of its development. The child will shape his way of behaving through the influence of the people around him.

Thus, to make the child love sports, it is necessary to follow some tips:

1. Set an example. Children learn through modeling and imitation, with parents being their main reference. Therefore, if children observe and do what they see their parents do, it will be much easier for them to become fond of sports.

2. Play with the child. Due to the playful nature of sport, the best way to help your little one become fond of a sport is to play with it. Thus, you have to take advantage of any moment to jump, run, "do the kibble" and do any activity that involves practicing basic movement skills while having fun.

3. Let the child choose. The fact that the child can choose what activity to do and when to start doing it, causes the child to be more likely to play sports and to enjoy it. If the little one does things for pleasure or fun, instead of obligation, it will be much more effective.

4. The coach influences. The coach will be the reference and the example in which the child looks outside the home and when it comes to sport. The relationship between the two will be important for the child to enjoy the activity and become fond of it.

5. Team sports are the best incentive. If the child enjoys sports because of its playful nature and, in addition, he does it in the company of his friends, it will be much better. Playing sports in a group motivates the little ones much more since it allows them to socialize. Something very important from the age of 8.

6. Accompany the child. Parents must take an active role. In addition to being an example, they should motivate them to make an effort and make it easier for them to go to training and to games. It is also important that the little ones see that their parents are interested in what they do and that it is something important.

The reason why many children play sports It is because of its playful nature. In fact, many children begin to move and develop basic skills such as running or jumping as soon as they can by playing the typical traditional games. In this way, the little one will become fond of and continue with this type of activity. As time goes by, if the little one has fun, this game evolves towards the practice of a more specific sport.

The problem is that not all children are the same and, therefore, not everyone has that predisposition to move, play and, therefore, to practice or become fond of a sport. Thus, the child's environment such as the child's family or friends will be very influential and key for the child to start and become fond of sports.

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