9 tips for children to use the Internet in a healthy and positive way

9 tips for children to use the Internet in a healthy and positive way

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New technologies offer endless opportunities, but they are also a constant challenge. They involve dangers that we are often not aware of, not even adults themselves. Cybersecurity remains a pending issue and, as a consequence, words like cyberbullying, phishing or malware are becoming more and more familiar to us.

According to data provided by the Statistical System of Crime of the Ministry of the Interior between January and October 2017, cyberbullying of minors has increased in Spain by 65% ​​in the last 5 years. This figure is very worrying and more considering that it could continue to rise. Therefore, on our site we have collected 9 tips for children to use the Internet in a healthy and positive way.

Today's children are considered digital natives, because since their birth they have lived with the Internet and have taken advantage of its great advantages. They have completely normalized the use of the Internet and its tools and, nevertheless, they are not always aware of all your threats. To protect your child in the digital world, you have to apply the following guidelines.

1. The first thing you should do is have a chat with your children. We must listen to their considerations about the Internet, what advantages do they see, how they usually use it, how they conceive the dangers that it implies ... We must make them understand that what surrounds digital is not always a game and, therefore, you have to have certain precautions when standing in front of the computer, mobile phone or tablet. It is necessary to help them understand why personal data should never be provided: neither the telephone number, nor the address, nor the identification numbers, nor the places where it is usually ...

2. You must teach your children to create passwords that they can remember but are safe. They must be unique and kept in safe places.

3. You must warn them that they never have to reply to messages from strangers or add contacts other than your friends to social networks. They always have to be wary of people they don't know, because they can come to them with a false identity to hide their true intentions.

4. Teach them to use programs and applications that protect their devices, such as antivirus (to avoid malware) or addblock (to avoid receiving advertising that is not suitable for them).

5. Pay attention to their behavior while on the Internet, but also afterwards. If you notice a change in your attitude, in the way they react or in how they relate to the rest of the family, it is possible that they are facing some kind of problem and they have not told it.

6. Install parental controls and disable the option to shop online. You will avoid the odd scare.

7. Help them to become aware that care must be taken when authorize access to microphone, location, or phone data when installing a new application.

8. It is a good idea to establish a VPN connection at home to prevent someone with malicious intent from accessing the system.

9. You should teach them to ask adults for help whenever they have a problem, doubt, have concerns or see something they dislike on the Internet.

In the XXI century, when we live absolutely surrounded by new technologies, cybersecurity has become a subject that we must teach our children. And you, How do you protect your children on the Internet?

Source consulted: All4Sec

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