When can babies see

When can babies see

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Of all the senses, the sense of sight is the one that the longer it took to develop. The reason: babies spend nine months in the womb, in the dark, and in a confined space. When they are born, some babies take time to open their eyes because the light bothers them. And they can barely see.

The sense of sight takes a few months to develop. In fact, newborns hardly see any lumps. They recognize their mother by smell and voice. But they are not able to capture all its features. Little by little, he will focus on his face, and he will capture more colors.

We tell you when can babies see and how sight develops.

The babies come from birth. But they don't see like adults. His ability to focus is still very limited and so is his color gamut. At first, they only focus on objects that are at a very close distance, at most, about a foot. That is why babies often cross their eyes, trying to focus on more distant objects. The newborn's eye is farsighted.

What the newborn can see best is people's faces. And that's because adults get very close to babies. So each person's traits are a fantastic training ground for baby's eyesight. Of all the features, they have a predilection for observing people's eyes and mouths, since are the parts of the face that offer the most stimuli.

His visual acuity it is still very small. It is believed that it can be 20 out of 400.

If the newborn can barely distinguish the objects closest to him, from two months, the environment begins to enlarge. Their ability to focus improves and babies can now identify more distant objects while focusing on details. For example, in their own hands, which they suddenly discover and analyze.

Furthermore, from this age on, babies they begin to coordinate their eyes and to move them with greater success. The baby at this age is already able to fully follow the circular movement of an object, and although he still sees something blurry, his ability to focus has improved, and he can already observe objects in depth.

Between three and six months old, babies are able to capture more colors. At four months you can recognize the full range of colors. In addition, they learn to anticipate the movement of an object with their eyes. If you roll a ball, the baby will know that it can reach him.

Though it won't be until nine months when the baby can see perfectly. At this age, it can already be said that he has fully developed the sense of sight and that he can see like an adult.

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