4 basic safety tips for taking children on motorcycles

4 basic safety tips for taking children on motorcycles

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Many parents doubt whether or not they can take their children on a motorcycle. The first thing to keep in mind is that safety rules for taking children on motorcycle varies by country.

For example, the General Traffic Regulations of Spain say that an adult driver can take a child on a motorcycle approved for two passengers, provided they are over 12 years old, straddle the driver, wear a helmet and wear their feet. resting on the side footrests of the motorcycle. Children over seven years of age can also ride a motorcycle, but only if the driver is their father, mother, a guardian or an authorized adult.

However, beyond the rules, when a child is put in a motor vehicle, a series of basic safety tips must be taken into account to avoid scares. That is why on our site we have collected some guidelines to ensure the safety of children when riding a motorcycle.

1. Talk to your children before riding the motorcycle
It is important that you clarify some things to your children before they get on the motorcycle. You must make it clear that they have to hold on to the back seat and that they have to put their feet on the footrests. Explain that they should not make sudden movements on the motorcycle and that they cannot extend their arms or stand up. Also, it is important for them to know that they can only be lowered when the two-wheeler is completely stopped.

2. Better well equipped
It is recommended that, if children are going to ride a motorcycle regularly, they have equipment that protects them from possible damage, such as a jacket with a back protector, elbow pads and shoulder pads. It is also advisable that they wear high boots and gloves.

Helmets used by children must be full face helmets and not jet helmets, which do not cover the entire head. Full face helmets protect the entire skull and insulate it from the cold on the face. It is important that the helmet is the size of the child so that it does not dance.

We can also purchase special seats for children, footrest extensions or trunks with backrest that help protect the child more and make them more comfortable on the motorcycle.

3. Beware of driving
The adult who rides has to think that children have less strength to grip the motorcycle well, so they should avoid leaving abruptly and try to ride smoothly. This is a basic safety tip to keep in mind.

4. Make sure you can carry two passengers
How do I know that I can carry two passengers? Usually this information can be found on the registration certificate. In the case of the Spanish card, it is found in section S.1. where you must put the number of seats, which in this case must be 2.

You already know some tips for taking a child on a motorcycle, but remember that they are more fragile and that we must pay all our attention and exercise extreme caution when driving.

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