The color of urine in pregnancy

The color of urine in pregnancy

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During pregnancy the physical and internal changes are visible and palpable month by month. The skin changes as pregnancy progresses, the hormonal phases They also undergo modifications and the abdomen grows as the baby that is coming forms.

However, there are also other different guidelines, such as the urine. When the color of the pee is different, this may mean that you have a vaginal infection, but in the case of pregnant women, it is something of the most normal among the many changes that are experienced.

1. Intense yellow color
The color of urine when you are in a perfect state of health is a intense yellow color or bright. At the moment when the color is different - much darker - we could be facing a problem of vaginal infection. However, this is the most common in pregnancy because hormonal changes can influence the hue of urine.

2. Dark yellow color
When the yellow color of the urine begins to darken markedly in the first trimester of pregnancy but remains yellow, the reason may be due to slight dehydration caused by the sickness and even the vomiting of the first weeks of pregnancy. This dehydration of the first months can last throughout the pregnancy, so it is advisable to increase the water intake in the process, which will lighten the color of the urine considerably, becoming again light yellow and even being completely colorless and will also help the skin to be in better condition, as well as the body.

3. Brown color
On the other hand, this darker color can become even shiny brown, which has nothing to do with vaginal discharge, but with urine itself, and has to do with hormonal phases. The changes that the body undergoes throughout pregnancy can contribute to urine being much darker brown in color, or even due to certain foods such as vegetables or fruits.

4. Russet
If it changes much more and even turns red, we could be facing a urine infection or cystitis that must be brought to the attention of the doctor so that it can be cured with medications.

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