The werewolf. Halloween story for children

The werewolf. Halloween story for children

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This time it shows to you a horror story for children: the werewolf. A classic story to stimulate children to travel through their imaginations to magical worlds, with legendary characters and fantastic stories.

Enjoy reading this chilling story with your children, we do not assure you to avoid one or another scare, but yes, in a very funny way! We assure you, they will have a great time!

Some years ago, during the reign of Egbert the Saxon, lived in Great Britain a beautiful girl named Isolde. The girl was admired for her beauty and good heart, which is why many young people wanted her. For her part, Isolde was in love with Count Haroldo, a handsome young man with whom she would soon marry.

But Alfredo, Haroldo's lieutenant, was also totally and hopelessly in love with Isolde; When he saw the girl with Haroldo, they made him very jealous! One day, he could not bear it any longer and when he saw his master somewhat worried, he decided to go to talk to him:

- I see that something worries you, Count, is it because of the delay in your wedding with Isolde? I don't understand why you don't get married at once. Is it because of old Siegfried's curse?

- What do you know about my grandfather? - Haroldo asked.

- I've only heard some rumors, you know, things that people say - Alfredo answered

- But why are you so nervous at the mere mention of your grandfather.

- When I was a child - said Haroldo -, my grandmother told me some stories that I have not been able to forget since then.

Haroldo's grandfather had been a cruel and evil man, about whom a terrible curse had fallen. It was said that an evil spirit had taken hold of him and was forcing him to do terrible things. According to the legend, this curse would be transmitted to his descendants, therefore at any moment it could fall on his grandson Haroldo.

On this legend there was a strange weapon that a sorceress had given him: a steel spear that remained intact despite the passing of the years. It was said that its tip would never lose its edge.

Isolde was very much in love with the countShe would wait for him until he decided to marry her, however, Haroldo was absent more and more, no one knew where he was going and the young woman thought that he could be courting another woman.

Around the same time, a horrible beast had begun to stalk the region. People said that it was a werewolf that attacked and devoured its victims when there were full moon nights. They said that during the day he looked human, but when the sun went down he turned into a wolf and He terrified everyone who crossed his path.

And that's how the legend of the werewolf was born.

1. Who was Isolde and who was she in love with?

2. Who was Alfredo and how did he feel about Isolde?

3. What secrets did Haroldo keep?

4. Why didn't Harold marry Isolde?

5. Who do you think the werewolf was?

6. What did you like the most in this story?

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