Fluff, where are you? Children's story about the power of friendship

Fluff, where are you? Children's story about the power of friendship

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Reading children's stories as a family is a wonderful habit, as it strengthens the bond between loved ones and encourages the child's imagination. In addition, some stories can help us talk about the different values ​​with our children.

This story titled "Fluff, where are you?" talks about the power of love, which can do anything And it is that the wolf in this story was about to eat the sheep until he was moved to see how much the girl loved her. Your child will surely also learn about the need to reconsider our actions, especially when they are a bit evil. We accompany this children's story about the power of friendship with some reading comprehension questions so that you can check if your child has understood the story.

There was nothing more fun than spending the day with the sheep. Since she was a child, Marieta had grown up at the foot of the mountain playing with those little animals that look like cotton balls. I wanted to be a pastor. She liked being a pastor.

Marieta had given each sheep a beautiful name. One was called Mancha, another Cotton, another smaller Fluff… And to all of them he told stories and sang songs.

One day, while the sheep were eating in the meadow, Marieta amused herself by dancing with the butterflies while trying to imitate the song of the birds. The minutes passed very quickly and when the little girl wanted to gather her flock she discovered that Fluff was not with the other sheep.

Worried and scared, she started calling her.

- Fuzzy! Fuzzy! Fluff, where are you?

But the sheep did not appear. Marieta was afraid that night would fall and the little sheep would be hurt. So he decided to ask for help from who could best sniff and follow the trail of a sheep: to the wolf.

The wolf was delighted to help Marieta, he even thought he would eat the little sheep when they found her, but of course, he did not intend to reveal it to the little girl.

The wolf and Marieta were tired but did not give up their search. Finally, they saw Fuzzy tangled in some branches from which he could not escape. They both rescued her And although she was a little bruised, Fuzzy was fine.

Marieta was happy to have Pelusilla in her arms again and she never stopped caressing her and giving her many kisses. While the wolf salivated thinking about the banquet that was going to be held. But as the minutes passed and I saw so much love between Marieta and the little sheep the fierce wolf was losing the desire to eat.

Finally, the three returned, becoming great friends, and some afternoon the wolf would approach the herd and Marieta to spend time with them playing. Love and friendship can with everything!

We propose some questions that you can ask your child once you have finished reading the story. Reading comprehension is an essential skill that children have to acquire to make sure they understand what they study.

1. What was Marieta doing when Pelusilla got lost?

2. Was the girl happy to find when she found the sheep?

3. Why didn't the wolf eat Fluff in the end?

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