Halloween night is close at hand

Halloween night is close at hand

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Have you seen ghosts, vampires, witches, undead, lost souls ...? Not yet? Well be careful! because they are about to leave.

With or without a sinister pumpkin, it will soon be Halloween night and All Saints' Day, and the traditions of a place, if successful, are often hopelessly exported to all corners of the world.

Our children have joined this traditional festival of the Anglo-Saxon countries and it does not surprise me that they like it dedicate one day a year to remember the souls of the absent, the dead, and by extension, to frights, fear and horror. Some of the masks you see out there are really horrible!

My daughter went to a Halloween party that the neighbors organized last year and, the truth is, they had a great time, they dressed up as dead, ghosts, witches, and various and horrifying monsters. They played with spiders, bugs and more or less repellent animals, and finished off the snack with sweets in the shape of a bloody finger or Dracula fangs, and other sweet things with a disgusting aspect (the commercial range is very wide).

I wonder why they are so drawn to this kind of thing? It's like unleashing ugliness, the forbidden, the hidden. This reminds me of when they don't want to see a movie that scares them but still gets attracted and looks at it through the spread fingers of their little hands.

Curiously children don't like to be afraid, but they love to scare others. They love to dress up and hide behind the door to scare the first person to pass. A mischievous smile is drawn to them and a loud laugh resounds when they manage to scare others off.

For once, they have the power: instead of being the sufferers of nightmares and fears; now they are the creators and protagonists of fear. We may or may not agree with the adoption of the different ways of celebrating the feast of All Saints in the world, but the truth is that, well thought out, this day can be an excellent way to teach them certain aspects that are not usually covered in the everyday, such as being able to deal with the subject of death, giving a humorous and festive treatment of childhood fears and, excellent opportunity to remember loved ones that are no longer among us.

After all, death and fear are an important part of our passage through life and this is a good opportunity to treat them naturally and without trauma. So have a few candies ready to sweeten our living critters!

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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