Plasticine nativity scene. Christmas crafts for kids

Plasticine nativity scene. Christmas crafts for kids

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With plasticine, children can do everything. From dolls, cars, paintings, to a city, a park, or a Nativity scene to decorate the house in Christmas.

In We have made a very practical and easy to assemble Plasticine Bethlehem Portal. A cheerful plasticine craft for you to have a very pleasant time together at home.

  • Plasticine of all colors
  • Accessories for modeling

Tips: You can also make this craft with salt paste or fimo. In this way, the Nativity scene will be even more homely.

1. First you have to set up the whole stage. You can line a box with brown cardboard paper and place it in a predetermined place. You think about how you want the Bethlehem and get to work! Here we give you some suggestions. First with the angel, its wings and its halo above the head.

2. Now it will be the time to create Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, as well as the ox and the mule. You can make them in other colors as you like.

3. To mold Gaspar, Melchor and Baltasar, you cannot forget to put the crowns, the gift in their hands, and a large cape that is dragged on the ground.

4. To make these little sheep so cute, the more curls you put on them, the prettier they will be. And do not forget the shepherd who, with his cane, will guide them towards the Nativity.

5. Apart from the sheep, the mule and the other animals, a tobacconist with ducklings can also give a more cheerful air to the Nativity scene. For that, you can also use small stones as well as other materials.

6. And here you have our plasticine nativity scene. I remind you that it is not necessary to follow all our advice. You can give a more personal touch to your Nativity scene. That's what it's all about. It will surely turn out very beautiful and special like Christmas.

This craft has been made by Alejandra Pena, Carmen, Clara Zevallos, Maripepa de Vicente Y Natalia Lopez - Spain.

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