Benefits of tongue twisters for children

They drive us crazy, they mess up our tongues, they lock and unlock it, they make us laugh or get angry with ourselves if we can't say them quickly, tongue twister they are one of the best games to teach children to practice language.

We have repeated them over and over again, until we say them correctly, but until now we have not realized that these word mazes hide many benefits for children.

We tell you what are the benefits of tongue twisters for children.

Well, yes, it seems incredible that these lifelong word games can do much more than make us spend a pleasant afternoon with the family. However, the teachers and speech therapists have found among their convoluted words, a fun formula for children to exercise language, memory and vocalization.

Tongue twisters are such an old popular game that we can't even tell when they became part of popular culture. We all have a grandfather who has made us recite them, and it is that these messy rhymes they make us enjoy language and laugh at ourselves.

They are word games that combine similar phonemes, forming easy rhymes with sequences of similar sounds, making it difficult to pronounce aloud.

Believe pronunciation conflicts, and the effort that the child makes to overcome these problems produces many benefits in the little minds of children.

1- They promote memory: You won't be able to say a tongue twister well if you don't memorize it. It is an infallible trick to be able to pronounce it well.

2- They exercise vocalization: Children will have to make an effort to vocalize each phoneme properly, but they will do it without even realizing it, and in a fun way. It's like a kind of speech therapy, but wrapped up in laughter.

3- They promote competitiveness with oneself: The desire to improve themselves and get to pronounce the tongue twisters correctly and quickly makes them want to improve themselves day by day.

4- They help children to have interest in language and reading: Suddenly the language becomes a fun discovery.

5- They foster the imagination, since some invent their own tongue twisters to be able to share them with friends.

6- They increase their vocabulary.

7- They teach laugh at themselves.

Now that you know the benefits of tongue twisters for children, do you dare to face them?

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