Personalized Christmas card for children, with snowball effect!

Personalized Christmas card for children, with snowball effect!

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Prepare the shipment of Christmas postcards it is one of the most special moments of the year. This activity gives us the opportunity to sit with our children to remember loved ones and the moments we have shared, in order to write a beautiful and loving Christmas dedication.

And what better than to do it with a showy personalized christmas card, to your taste and that of the person to whom you are going to send it? We propose you a very original and very fun craft ... which has snowball effect! This Christmas looks a bit like those Christmas balls with a figurine that, when moved, white specks rise and fall as if it were snowing.


  • blue ribbon
  • glue stick
  • glue gun
  • double sided foam tape
  • black, green and red marker
  • buttons
  • artificial snow and glitter
  • blue, white and brown cardstock
  • pencil, ruler and scissors
  • eyes
  • transparent portfolio

Since our site We provide you with the instructions to make step by step this beautiful Christmas with congratulations. Do not miss it! The first thing to do is make sure that you have all the materials that are needed. Despite its elaborate appearance, it is an easy postcard to make and will only need a little help and supervision.

1. Start cutting out a rectangle 21 cm long by 15 wide on blue cardboard. Next, cut out another 19 cm long by 13 cm wide rectangle from white card stock.

2. Write your special message or personal dedication on the white card stock rectangle, then stick it on the blue card making sure it is centered. You can choose some beautiful words specially designed for the person to whom you are going to dedicate the postcard.

3. Prepare a stencil shaped like a doll cookie of gingerbread on white card and paint her clothes. We have decided to put a red scarf and green shoes on him, but you can dress him however you want! With a green bow tie and red gloves, with jeans, with a Santa Claus costume ...

4. Cut out a 6-inch-long by 6-inch wide square from blue construction paper. Also make a second brown construction paper gingerbread cookie template and a candy cane template. Paint the candy cane. We have colored it red and white, but you still like red and green more, or green and white, white and blue. Choose the colors that you like the most!

5 Pega the brown template shaped like a gingerbread man cookie on top of the blue cardboard square you just cut out. To dress your doll, cut out the clothes from the first template and start gluing them on it. Then glue your eyes, draw him a big smile and place the buttons with the help of the glue gun. Don't forget to glue the candy cane to the side! This will be the picture of the Christmas postcard. It sure is looking very pretty!

6. Glue the sheet onto the blue cardboard rectangle, leaving a top margin of 3.5 cm and a bottom margin of 2.5 cm. Frame around the sheet, respecting the margins, with double-sided foam tape. Remove the sticker from the tape and repeat this last step to double the thickness of the frame or double frame.

7. Fill the inside of the sheet with artificial snow and glitter. Do it carefully and don't overfill it. We have exaggerated it so you can see the effect well.

8. Cut out a 6 "long by 6" wide square from the clear plastic of the briefcase. Remove the sticker from the double-sided foam tape that you put on the frame and carefully glue the clear plastic square that you just cut out.

Make sure the snow and glitter stay inside, this will give you the snowball effect! Cut out a 6-inch by 6-inch frame that is 1.5 cm wide from white card stock, and stick it to cover the foam tape.

9 Finally, attach a blue gift ribbon bow and decorate the front and frame. You can add snowflakes and paint holly and garlands like the ones in the model, or you can paint lollipops and embellish it with stars. Let your imagination fly so that it is very beautiful.

And so you get an original christmas family postcard with snowball effect!

It sure is Christmas card It has been spectacular! You can place it in different places in the house, as a Christmas decoration or you can send it to a loved one. It can be a great idea to put it next to the fireplace where you put the socks or next to the Christmas tree. It will be very beautiful and will increase your Christmas spirit and that of everyone who visits you during these dates.

If you want to send it to a family member or friend as a holiday congratulation, you must remember that you are going to need a larger envelope than normal. You may also have to go to the Post Office to have the package weighed. Due to the frame and the snow, this postcard is of special dimensions and weight, so you cannot send it with a conventional stamp.Anyone you send to will make their day!

Have you already decided what will be the dedication for your card? You have many Christmas phrases to choose from! To keep one, ask your child what they would like to say to the person you are sending it to or how they feel about them. Depending on the age of the child, you may find it difficult to express your emotions, but little by little and with a little help you will surely get a very special congratulation that is also handmade. We leave you some very popular Christmas carols that can inspire you to find a very beautiful phrase for your congratulations and other phrases full of love.

- Merry Christmas! Today and any other day, we send you all the love and affection in the world!

- Very happy holidays!! At the most special time of the year we send you the most special Christmas dedication.

- Ho! Ho! Ho! We are sure that this year Santa Claus will send you many gifts because you have been very very good.

- May all the peace and love that we wish you this Christmas come to you multiplied by infinity.

- This Christmas card is full of Christmas spirit, a pinch of illusion, tons of love and a lot of desire to enjoy these special holidays. We love you!

- We send you our best wishes so that this Christmas is the most special of all.

- Christmas is also a period of gratitude, so we take advantage of this Christmas to thank you for all the love you give us ... and for your special hugs!

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