8 foods kids don't like to eat and why

8 foods kids don't like to eat and why

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It is time for lunch, the most difficult time for some parents. And it is that when preparing the daily family menu, parents break their heads thinking of something that all members of the house eat without exception. Impossible! There are 8 things children don't like to eat Why don't the little ones like sautéed spinach, some types of fish, or avocados?

Depending on the way we choose to face complementary feeding, that is, if we decide to feed our little one with purees or if we choose, on the contrary, feeding regulated by the baby or baby led weaning (BLW), it is easy for children, in general, to reject some foods.

The children we have fed puree They tend to reject (obviously, this is a generality, which not all children have to comply with):

- Foods that contain several textures in one
Chunky yogurts, or lightly mashed purees are one of the most popular on this list, something kids can't conceive of. It is easy for this rejection of different degrees of textures in the same food to last for years, even that they continue to reject these foods until adulthood.

- Hard or dry food
In this section we can include lean meats, which roll up in the mouth, or those that require an intense chewing, since they tend to extract the juice but cannot later manage the bolus.

For its part, children who feed freelyThey tend to reject purees, because they are not considered familiar, sometimes even soups or broths.

Regardless of the chosen feeding method, there are other food groups that are rejected by most children

Cauliflower, broccoli, or Brussels sprouts
Cooking these foods leaves an odor, let's face it, which is not pleasant at all, which awakens the direct rejection of the child.

It is difficult for the little ones to make sense of this fruit, of unpleasant consistency, and it is not particularly sweet, so they prefer to avoid it in most cases.

Fish with intense flavors
Salmon tops this list. Its fat content is, despite being also loaded with unsaturated fatty acids desirable for child growth and development, full of flavor particles that, due to their fat-soluble nature, are found precisely in this fat. Children are inclined to accept less flavored, lower-fat fish such as hake or sole.

The main problem that children see in peaches is the velvety feel of their skin, which does not offer much confidence about what they will find inside. However, this fruit may be one of your favorites if it is served peeled.

In the case of spinach, it is the appearance they take on when cooked, accompanied by that dark color they take, which produces visual rejection. However, this vegetable is loaded with vitamins and minerals and we should not rule it out without trying other options that may mask its appearance.

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