The little house of the pee. Children's story about enuresis

The little house of the pee. Children's story about enuresis

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Hansel and Gretel they lived with their parents in a small house. They were very happy, but there was a problem: at night they peed on the bed. Her mother was ill and couldn't wash her clothes or pajamas, so she left the children with a village woman to take care of them for a while.

Hansel and Gretel they missed their mother very much and were not encouraged at all, not even trying to stop wetting their beds.

The village woman who had offered to take care of them turned out to be a wicked witch, and as soon as her mother left, she locked the two children in her hut and put them to hard work.

Hansel and Gretel made the food, cleaned the house, looked after the garden, gathered firewood ... and the witch only gave them some stale bread and a glass of water. Hansel and Gretel, tired of working and suffering so much, decided to deceive the witch.

- I have heard that with linden smoke witches turn to ash, said Gretel to Hansel. And followed:

- We can try to get him into the house when we have the fireplace lit.

- I'm going to get some linden twigs right now, Hansel replied, leaving Gretel very animated.

The children prepared the fireplace and built a small fire. Then they called the witch:

- Ma'am, the food is almost ready.

The witch entered the hut, as she was very hungry, but as soon as she entered, she inhaled the smoke and it turned to ash. The children escaped from the hut and reached their home, where they told their mother everything.

They returned to live with their parents and they were all very happy to see that since that day, they never wet the bed at night again.

Why? Because Hansel and Gretel had taken responsibility for themselves and faced their problems on their own.


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