Guide to recommended toys for children from 0 to 2 years old at Christmas

Guide to recommended toys for children from 0 to 2 years old at Christmas

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The countdown to Christmas has begun.Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men are ready to receive the letters of thousands of children from all over the world, but parents have some doubts about which gift is the most suitable for our baby. It will be the first or maybe second Christmas with our little one and we want him to be special. Discover the Toys recommended for children 0-2 years.

Although they are still very young, the game is part of their day to day and that is why parents want to find this gadget that stimulates them, discovers a world of new sensations, amuses them and helps them develop different capacities. From 0 to 2 years old, the child goes through many changes. He goes from being in the crib all day to raising his head, to crawling, to picking things up with his hands, to differentiating colors and textures, to walking alone ...

For all this, there is a wide range of toys indicated for children in this age group, depending on their development, and we cannot forget that each child has its maturation process.

To make that mission of finding the perfect gift easier, we have selected for you a list of 9 toys recommended and indicated for children from 0 to 2 years old.

1. Activity blanket
For babies who are just new to opening toys in Christmas, nothing better than an activity blanket. Your baby will be able to lie down comfortably and touch the toys that he sees. These blankets are ideal to attract the attention of the baby due to the bright colors and textures. If, in addition, you opt for one with sounds, your little one will be more than delighted.

2. Puzzle carpet
If your little one is already an explorer, nothing like giving him a puzzle mat. You can remove the pieces and try to put them elsewhere, while concentrating on knowing all the shapes and colors that you see. Squishy, ​​warm and welcoming. What more could you want?

3. Nestable with textures
Children up to 2 years of age are too young to do a “grown-up” puzzle, but they can build their wits with a textured nester. These toys usually come with four pieces of animals to place. It will also be a way for you, as a mother or father, to begin to discover the sounds of animals. "How does the vaquita do? And the pig?"

4. Colorful rattle
Who has never had a rattle or given one to a newborn? It is a classic that cannot be missing from the list of toys recommended for children 0-2 years, and is that the colored rattle is designed to develop the sense of touch, improve visual acuity and, also, work on hearing. Choose one that has balls inside and it will be even more fun.

5. Soft book for babies
They say that books are one of the best gifts there is, why not ask for one for a special occasion like this? Those indicated for babies and children up to 2 years old are those with soft leaves, because that way they can handle them much more easily. They will turn the pages, fold them, bite them ... As they get older, you can replace them with those that have flaps, they will love them! The story is also a fun way for parents to spend time with their child, as this moment can be used to tell magical stories.

6. Corridor runners
If your little one is beginning to take his first steps, a runner will be of great help. By being held, he will feel more confident to navigate the house from one place to another without fear of tripping or falling. It will be a shape and a very healthy exercise to strengthen your legs and back and to develop, in general, the psychomotor system. Your little one will not want to be separated from him, but you will not be able to lose your eye because, if the child does not have much dexterity yet, he can lose his balance and go directly to the ground.

7. Interactive cube
The interactive cube with sounds and lights has several functions so that babies can discover many things and put the different senses to work: hearing, through songs; sight, with color recognition; language, through the first letters; touch, through manipulation ... Interactive toys like this one are designed so that the child lets their imagination run wild.

8. Bowling game
You don't have to leave the house to enjoy some bowling. A few squishy colored bowling pins, a ball to knock them down, and your baby will have a blast while improves your coordination and balance, relaxes and releases energy, exercises ... A toy that also takes up little space, you can take it anywhere and you can play as a family.

9. Stackable toys of all colors
It is an option that children and parents like, and that will accompany them from 3 months until they are 3 or 4 years old. Babies and small children love to pass things from one side to another, put them in a box ... So if you give them some stackable rings with colors and different textures, you will have a great success. If the child is already 1 year old, you can go one step further and try the stackable cubes. You'll have a lot of fun creating your first tower ... A fun way to become a little architect for a while!

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