Children who receive more hugs are smarter

Children who receive more hugs are smarter

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Hugs bring hearts closer, metaphorically and physically. And is that a good hug, at the right time, can turn your day around ... and always for the better! In our site We are totally convinced of the great power that hugs have for adults and children, but now a study has confirmed that hugs help children's development and, therefore, favors that be smarter in the future.

We already had reasons (and desire) to hug our children all the time, but now we have one more reason, backed by scientific research.

Parents are obsessed with stimulating babies to promote their development and wake up to the world around them as soon as possible. We put music on them from the moment they are in our belly, we buy them toys full of lights and sounds, we organize all kinds of games and activities ... And yet one of the most powerful weapons to help them is much closer than what we imagine: our hugs.

A study (The Dual Nature of Early-Life Experience on Somatosensoy processing in the Human Infant Brain) published in the scientific journal Current Biology has found a relationship between the brain response of children and the level of affection they have received in the first moments of their life. This research, carried out at the Ohio Children's Hospital, analyzed more than a hundred newborns to conclude that, although those who had reached term had a greater brain response to stimuli, premature babies who had had more physical contact (either through breastfeeding or through skin-to-skin contact) offered stronger brain responses than those who had only had painful experiences.

This means that babies who receive more hugs and caresses respond to a greater extent than those who have not been able to receive them and, therefore, stimulation starts earlier. Therefore, this research reinforces what is already known about the benefits of physical affection, especially for premature babies.

As explained in the study itself, the conclusions obtained serve to highlight hugs and skin-to-skin contact from the first moments of the baby's life and how this can help shape the way in which cognitive development occurs later. and social of the baby. And it is that the benefits of hugs have lasting effects as the children grow.

But, beyond this study, our children (whatever their age) also need hugs for many other reasons. These are some.

1. Hugs make you and your children happier, since they help you to release different types of hormones related to positive emotions: dopamine, oxytocin ... And, in addition, they make the levels of cortisol, the stress-related hormone, fall.

2. Hugs also help regulate blood pressure and calm nerves if your child is going through a moment of anxiety or stress.

3. This nice gesture of affection will make you feel loved and valued, which will end up affecting your self-esteem in a very positive way.

4. With each hug, you transmit strength and confidence to your child, This will help you overcome your fears and feel more courageous to fight the problems you are facing.

5. The hugs improve the bond between the people who participate in them. Physical contact builds a stronger connection between the two; a union that is more difficult to break.

6. Do you know how many hugs are necessary each day? According to the American psychotherapist Virginia Satir, the ideal amount for children to grow up happy it's 12 hugs every day. It doesn't seem like a very difficult figure to come up with, does it?

We know that you don't need any more reasons to hug your child, but knowing that at the same time you are helping your baby so much ... Run and give your little one a hug!

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