Small pets ideal for children and pregnant women

Small pets ideal for children and pregnant women

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Not all families can have a dog at home as a pet, perhaps the companion animal par excellence. Sometimes, the size of some houses or the lack of time to dedicate to the animal make some parents refuse to have a puppy at home despite the insistence of their children.

However, there are other animals that not only require less space, but also their care and attention are not as intense as those of a dog. We tell you which are the ideal small pets for children and pregnant women.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, ferrets ...These little animals can be perfect companions for children, They give life to the house and can even help us teach our children such important values ​​as effort, patience and responsibility.

If you are thinking about having one of these pets it is important that you know that, even if you do not have much information about their diet, behavior, needs, habits, health or hygiene, there are companies that are specialists in small pets and that help with information and support to all interested families.

These companies give us Helpful Tips on Ideal Pets for Children and Pregnant Women:

- The rabbit is one of the safest pets for a pregnant woman since there are very few infectious diseases that can transmit them, although care must be taken with hygiene, they must be dewormed, vaccinated and checked if the owner is pregnant or there are children in the house.

- Cats are the potentially most dangerous animals for a pregnant woman because they can transmit toxoplasmosis.

- You can travel with small pets but it is important to find out beforehand if we are going to use a means of transport.

- It is essential to instill in the child theempathy for the animal, teach him that he has feelings.

IIntegrating the pet into the family nucleus as if it were another member of the family is very important. It can be done through pedagogy and education, teaching children and parents to care for and love their pets.

Life is so much fun with a pet at home. It will provide children with enthusiasm, happiness and well-being. It will be a reciprocal relationship that brings very positive values.

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