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The secret word game for children with reading problems

The secret word game for children with reading problems

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There are many children who when they begin to read show small difficulties, either due to a slower speed lower than that of their peers or because of the mistakes they make. This usually causes them certain blocks and insecurities when it comes to reading aloud, but most of them only require a little more time and training both at school and at home. Do you know the secret word game for children with reading problems?

Reading aloud daily helps children to gradually gain confidence. It is something that you should practice at home every day: when they arrive from school, before dinner, when they go to bed ...

There are other activities, perhaps more attractive to them, in which this skill can be practiced. On our site we will propose a fun game that goes beyond simply reading sentences or small texts before getting into bed. We speak from the secret word game, with which we will work on smaller units, the words, but in the context of a board game, as if it were a goose or Ludo.

When do we recommend working with this secret word game?
Whenever there are signs of difficulty at the speed level and errors, or whenever we can appreciate that our child tries to avoid reading aloud, being ashamed of his ability. This will be a good time to motivate and reinforce him through a shared game.

what is the objective of the game?
The objective of this game is to encourage the child to read all those words that cost him the most, such as long words and even those unknown and / or without meaning for them. Without the concept of play, some training in complex word lists would have very little acceptance by the little ones.

What do I need to play with the reading board?
You only need one die and some chips (one chip for each player who participates). Make sure your child always plays with an adult who can supervise him for correct reading and positively reinforce him when this is the case.

How can we get the board?
The board can be of your own creation, using an empty board with spaces, or even easily adapt one that you already have at home, such as the game board of the goose. The only extra material that we will need to adapt the board will be four blocks of stickers, in four different colors. Each color will correspond to a level, that is, when the tile falls on a certain color, we will have to go to a certain level of the list of words (previously prepared) of that same color.

What word lists or levels can the board have?
We will create four levels of lists, each one with its difficulty, so that the child, little by little, will overcome them with confidence:

- Level I (yellow color). Two-syllable words, such as car, bed, soup, table, date, clock, tree.

- Level II (green color). Three syllable words such as trumpet, orchestra, ticket, rocket, shirt, teacher.

- Level III (blue color). Four-syllable words, such as crocodile, computer, modeling clay, ambulance, astronaut.

- Level IV (red color). Pseudowords or words that do not exist, such as brotella, somiguejo, pistemal, osqueso, etc.

How do you play?
Like any other board game, participants start by rolling the dice to determine who starts the game. It will be the one who gets the highest score, and the game will be played in clockwise order. Whoever reaches the last square first will win!

But in this case, in order to stay in the new place indicated by the dice, we must pass a test that will be indicated on the same board, otherwise, we must go back to the previous position. With this last rule, we will be able to keep the little ones motivated in the task of passing the different tests and moving towards the end of the board.

Fun and learning at the same time! Your children will learn and you will enjoy feeling part of this learning process.

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