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11 traditional names for girls of virgins venerated in Spain

11 traditional names for girls of virgins venerated in Spain

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Choosing your baby's name is not an easy task. Maybe you prefer to choose a name that has been in the family for a long time and thus follow the tradition, maybe you want to bet on modern names or maybe you like those that are inspired by virgins more. This is precisely the issue at hand. Here are the names for girls inspired by virgins highly revered in Spain. Read them all out loud accompanied by the last name, the one that makes you smile the most will be the one chosen.

The Catholic religion has been rooted in Spain for centuries, which is why today there are still many families who decide to put a name for his daughters inspired by the most revered virgins. If you also want a name like that for your little girl, read the complete list that we show you here. Deciding will be easier than ever!

  1. Maria: name of Hebrew origin 'maryam', its meaning is 'the chosen one', 'the one loved by God'. It is a name that has a long tradition in Spain and that also never goes out of style. Its saints are celebrated on January 1, May 19 and December 8, among other dates.
  2. Candle: It is a variant of Candelaria. This name comes from Latin, more specifically from the word 'candela'. It refers to the Virgin of the Canary Islands and means 'luminous woman', 'woman who illuminates'. His saint is celebrated on February 2. What is a name for a girl that sounds very nice? If that sounds like a very long name, you can use the diminutive Cande.
  3. Guadeloupe: name that refers to the Virgin Guadalupe, well known in Mexico and Spain, especially in Extremadura. Its meaning is literally 'river of love' and its name day is celebrated on December 12.
  4. Covadonga: name for a girl that has its inspiration in the Virgin Covadonga adored in Asturias. Its saints are September 8 and its meaning is 'generous woman who likes to please'.
  5. Almudena: name for a girl of Arabic origin, it comes from the word Al-mudaynah which means 'the citadel', it is also the patron saint of Madrid. His saint is November 9. A lifelong name that has strength and a lot of personality.
  6. Monserrat: the Virgin of Montserrat is popularly nicknamed as 'la moreneta'. It is a name of Marian invocation and is the patron saint of Catalonia. Its meaning is 'sawn mountain' and its name day is celebrated on April 27.
  7. Africa: name of Greek origin (root Aprica or aphriko) that means 'exposed to the sun or warm'. Her saint is August 5 and it is a name that has become very popular in recent decades, especially in Ceuta, a city where this virgin is highly revered.
  8. Victory: It is about the patron Virgin of Melilla. It is a name that comes from Victor or victorius and means 'victorious, triumphant' or 'the one who triumphs over evil'. Its saints are celebrated every September 8. Do you want your daughter to have a strong name? Then this will be the one.
  9. Sanctuary: Virgin venerated in Castilla-La Mancha and patron saint of Toledo. It is a classic name that comes from sacrarium, its meaning is 'sacred place' and its name day is celebrated on August 15.
  10. Pillar: name for a girl that refers to the patron Virgin of Aragon. Her saint is October 12 and it means 'she who is the pillar or support for her own', 'firm, sustaining, support, column'.
  11. Dew: name inspired by the Virgen del Rocío of Andalusia, the place where it originated. It means 'the refreshing woman' and her saints are celebrated with the Virgen del Rocío on April 11.

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