The most powerful positive words in children's education

The most powerful positive words in children's education

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We all know our vocabulary, however, not all of us take care of our words. We take care of our health, our diet, our relationships ... and we do not pay enough attention to all the phrases we use on a daily basis, moment by moment ... And this can be very dangerous! Therefore, in we have made a small list with some of the most powerful and necessary positive words for the education of children. Repeat them continuously!

It would be good to start to become more aware of the importance of the language we use. And it is that, many times we are not aware of how we create reality from the words we say to ourselves and what we use. That is why we can ensure that the language we use can be very powerful.

We cannot forget that we have the power of choice, that is, we can choose the words that we say or stop saying to our children. Why don't we find some to empower them with? All of them will create good emotional states, since their effect is positive both in the child's learning and in your self esteem or in the way he faces the world.

These are some of the essential words!

1. Thank you
'Thank you' is an almost magical word, since it generates positive states both in the people who say it and in those who receive it. Therefore, I encourage you to say this word a lot to make our children feel good, but also to make them feel valued.

We can also express thanks with phrases like 'I appreciate what you say' or 'I appreciate what you do'. Appreciation is another form of gratitude.

2. You can do it!
They are only two words, but they have a lot of force. And it is that just by saying 'You can do it' we manage to encourage our children to do what they think they cannot do because they have created a limiting belief. This phrase will allow them to face their adversities.

3. Opportunity
'Opportunity' is a word that we should engrave on our children: Give yourself the opportunity! Try this opportunity! In this way, we are going to make them feel that opportunities are there to face them and take advantage of them, because they will make us grow.

4. us
'We' is a very good feeling word. Family or friends help us live a happier life and, by using the word 'we', we are able to promote the feeling of belonging to a group that supports and supports us. Life is always more fun in company, so let's talk about ourselves, and let's not personalize so much.

5. Acceptance
Acceptance is, without a doubt, a concept that generates good feelings. Accepting ourselves means loving ourselves and treating ourselves with affection. Getting our children accepted as they are is a main task as parents. But we also have to work to start loving ourselves a little more!

6. Be Happy!
Who does not like to feel happy ... This is another expression that can make our children live from the heart. Therefore, I encourage you to nurture this idea day by day. How? Telling them often how good it is to feel happy and how happy it makes you to be with them. Although if instead of telling them, you show it to them, they will learn it sooner!

7. Love
And, without a doubt, the best word is LOVE. That is why we have chosen it as the final touch to this list of positive words. This means feeling good, feeling loved, feeling important to the parents. Love is the best feeling that we can convey to others. And saying I LOVE YOU is the best way to express our best feelings. Tell him every day, whenever you get a chance.

What other positive words do you use with your children?

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