Fun games and songs to jump rope

Fun games and songs to jump rope

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The time we spent in the schoolyard playing with a simple rope in our childhood! Why don't we pass those games on to our children? All outdoor activities that encourage exercise and that forget about screens are a good leisure option. Today, we want to talk about games and songs to jump rope. Find yours in your trunk of memories, put on your sneakers, drink water ... let's get started!

The rope games they will enhance their concentration, improve their muscular endurance and keep them in good shape. Don't you remember any of them? Do not worry! In we refresh your memory!

To get started, you only need to get a rope and at least three people to play. Two will take the rope of about 5 meters long and will mark the rhythm of the songs. They will take each of its ends and move the rope in two possible ways:

1. Swinging it from side to side drawing an imaginary 'U' with your arm.

2. Circling in the air drawing an imaginary 'O'.

The rest of the players will line up next to one of those who are moving the rope to jump over it. The rope games they are always accompanied by catchy themes. When the song starts, the children will start jumping one by one.

The person entering has to jump once, exit and go back to the player queue again. If the jumping player steps on the rope or trips over it, they will have to stop jumping and start moving the rope, releasing one of the two players who is taking the rope.

Next, we explain some of the collective games that can be played with the rope (also, without songs, children can play jumping on the rope by themselves, although it is already known that with more people, the fun multiplies) .

1. As the boat passes
What you have to do is move the rope in a U shape, that is, just as a swing. The person has to endure jumping without stumbling singing this song:

'As the boat passed,

the boatman told me:

pretty girls

they don't pay money.

When the boat returns

He told me again:

the pretty girls

they don't pay here.

I'm not beautiful

nor do I want to be.

Pretty girls

they spoil.

How i'm so ugly

I will pay it.

Up the boat

of Santa Isabel '

2. The coachman Leré
In this game you have to climb the rope up every time you say "read" and the person who jumps has to be careful to jump in due time.

'The coachman, I will read

he told me at night, I will read,

that if I wanted, I will read

ride a car, I'll read.

And I told him, I will read

with a great salt shaker, I will read.

I don't want a car, I'll read

I get dizzy, read.

Maria's name

what five letters does it have:

the M, the A, the R, the I

the A.


3. One dollar
This rope game it's very fast. While the first two words are being sung, the first one jumps, with the next two words the second, with the next two words, the third ... and so on. Whoever stumbles is eliminated. You have to jump very coordinated in order entering and leaving the rope following the lyrics of the song. The song is this:

'One pain,

cloth, catola,

quila, quilete,

there was the queen,

in your cabinet,

Gil came,

put out the lamp,

lamp, lamp,

count twenty,

that twenty is,

policeman and thief. '

4. Pen, inkwell and paper
With this song you don't have to jump once, but three times each turn. Then you have to get out and get in line again. The next one must come in and jump three more times to coincide with the cadence of the song.

'One, two and three,

pen, inkwell and paper,

to write a letter

my dear Miguel

who has left tonight.

in the three o'clock post.

That one, that two and that three '.

All of these games are very entertaining. Tell your children that they just have to jump very coordinated to get in and out following the lyrics of the song. Help them not to miss these traditional games!

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