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Julia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Julia

Julia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Julia

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How to choose a name for your baby? What a difficult adventure! True? Once you know the sex, you will already have half of the way done! Then you and your dad have to sit down and start making a list of whether you want it to be a name that no one in the family has, that is short or compound ... There are so many variants! If in your case, you already have it more or less in mind because you have always liked the name of Julia and you just need to know a little more about her history, you are in the right place! Everything you've always wanted to know about him origin and meaning of Juliyou'll find it in the following lines.

Do you know the legend that circulates around this name? Apparently it belongs to a family that founded Rome and is directly related to the myth of the Trojan War, and it is that the Julia family descends directly from the Trojan Aeneas and, therefore, from the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

It has also been a very common name among saints and was frequent in the high medieval era. In the Renaissance, with the rediscovery of ancient Rome, its use spread considerably and has survived to this day, although on the contrary like Mary, for example, it has had its ups and downs throughout history.

Of Latin origin, Julia comes from julus or iulus, which means 'with soft hair, full of youth', however, for some philologists, its origin is different and they point to the archaic form Iovilios, which means 'consecrated to Jupiter'.

Although his male version is Julio and many may think that they have come together to celebrate his saint, there is nothing true about it! In fact, the saint of July is on March 30 and that of Julia, officially, is 15 of the seventh month of the year.

As we have said, officially July 15 is the day chosen to celebrate the saint of Julia, but throughout the year there are more options. Discover them!

  • January 7th
  • January 9th
  • April 8
  • April 16th
  • May 22nd
  • July 21
  • July 27th
  • October 1st
  • December 10

If you have always liked compound names, but at the same time the name of Julia is one of your favorites. Why not go for a compound name that includes Julia? In We have brought you the most frequent ones, but also others less known and, therefore, more original.

  • Julia Nicole
  • Julia Sophia
  • Julia Camila
  • Julia Andrea
  • Julia Juliet
  • Julia Janeth
  • Julia Isabelle
  • Ana Julia
  • Maria Julia
  • Julia Elena
  • Julia Daniela
  • Julia Guadalupe

One of the reasons Julia is such a popular name is that it is used in a lot of languages ​​and therefore has a lot of translations into other languages. Do you want to know them? Here they are!

  • Julia in English: Julie or Julia
  • Julia in French: Julie or Juliette
  • Julia in Italian: Giulia
  • Julia in Catalan: Júlia
  • Julia in Basque: Jule
  • Julia in Galician: Xulia
  • Julia in Albanian: Xhulia
  • Julia in Bulgarian: Yulie or Iulia
  • Julia in Czech: Julie
  • Julia in Corsican: Ghjulia
  • Julia in Croatian: Julia, Juli, Julija
  • Julia in Esperanto: Juliino
  • Julia in Estonian: Juulia
  • Julia in Finnish: Julia
  • Julia in Hawaiian: Iulia
  • Julia in Irish: Iúile
  • Julia in Icelandic: Júlía

Did you know that there are people who are based on numerology, a science that studies the meaning of numbers through the assignment that each letter of the alphabet has a digit, to choose your baby's name? Thus, the child's personality is known a little more, without perhaps having seen it, or some traits of his character can be intuited. Julia's name, like everyone else, is related to a number, in this case 8. What will it tell us about your little girl? We anticipate you: it is the number of energy!

- Positive traits
They are very restless and lively girls, who will always demand to do some activity. At first the parents will be delighted with this vitality, but after a few months they will notice the fatigue, and they are quite an earthquake both physically and intellectually! Do you know what are the favorite phrases of girls called like this ?: What, when, how, where and why. They have journalist woods!

- Negative traits
It is difficult for them to concentrate on a single solo and that can bring them some complications when they start the primary stage at school and have to divide between homework and exams, but with a little organization, everything will be solved! Another not entirely positive quality is due to their need for activity: they are very messy, so teach them from a very young age the importance of keeping everything in its place!

Television presenters, winners of the Oscar for best actress, performers with unique voices ... It is clear that the name of Julia has deeply penetrated the world of film and television, because wherever you look you will find a person with this nickname of five letters!

  • Julia Otero, Spanish communicator and journalist (1960)
  • Julia Roberts, actress (1967)
  • Julie Christie, actress (1941)
  • Julia Ormond, actress (1965)
  • Julie Andrews, singer and actress (1935)
  • Juliette Binoche, French interpreter (1964)
  • Julia Vial, Chilean television presenter (1977)

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