Physical changes

The most common physical changes in boys and girls in adolescence

The most common physical changes in boys and girls in adolescence

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Puberty is the period of life where the passage from childhood to adulthood occurs, secondary sexual characteristics develop and the ability to reproduce can be achieved. It constitutes the first stage of adolescence and is the passage from childhood to adulthood. In girls it begins between 10 to 12 years and in boys it is later, between 12 to 14 years. What physical changes are the most common in adolescence for both boys and girls?

Puberty is more about bodily changes during sexual maturation and adolescence is more about the stage of social and psychological changes. Puberty, for many parents, is a time of complications, anxiety and stress.

Your child goes to a stage where changes will not only be physical, but also emotional, social, new behaviors, friendships, customs, addictions, dangers and a phase where family values ​​can be reinforced or can falter. It is, therefore, a time of great anxiety for parents, but if good communication has been established between them from a young age, they will face this stage with more calm and confidence.

For the child it will also be anxiety, especially due to the physical changes that their body will show, where their self-esteem can also be affected and become very vulnerable to the comments of the peers that will be around them, which may reinforce it or transform it into a real chaos.

For this and other causes, adolescence is a stage where consultations with the psychologist or psychiatrist become frequent, seeking support and help to overcome the crises that may arise. Here too, good advice and family values ​​can be of much use, since all adults have gone through this difficult stage.

It is about a stage, adolescence, where bodies change almost from one day to the next. Below I will detail the most common in men:

- The change in voice will be very evident. Perhaps it is what will tell your parents that your child is developing. The voice will deepen and hoarse and can vary between high and low, but this changes until it acquires its permanent voice.

- At the level of the midline of the neck, what is called the apple or Adam's apple will appear, which is a hard protrusion that protrudes and will become more visible, in some than in others.

- Hair will appear on the face (mustaches, beard), on the back and at the level of the thorax.

- The body will widen, especially at the level of the thorax (chest), shoulders and back.

- The penis grows and becomes thicker and the testicles enlarge.

- And, due to a hormonal effect, the nipples can become swollen and remain so at the beginning of the stage, but then it disappears. Although that area can also grow due to body fat or pectoral development.

- And, finally, semen begins to appear through ejaculation, which contains sperm.

On the other side, that of girls, there are also changes, some visible to the naked eye, and others not so much, but which can also affect the psychological aspect.

- The breasts (breasts or breasts) begin to transform, increasing or developing the mammary gland. Then the size and thickness of the nipple increases and, finally, a bulging of the areola occurs, this being an important sign of the early onset of menarche, which is the first menstruation, that is, development.

- The hips will become wider and the body begins to become curvilinear.

- The first menstruation (menarche) appears, with vaginal bleeding that can be dark, scanty and irregular at first (especially in the first year after development), and then regularize over the months.

- The ovules mature and begin to have reproductive capacity.

- Appearance of a vaginal discharge that allows the lubrication of the vagina.

In addition to those already described above and that correspond to a certain sex, during adolescence boys and girls share a series of changes. Do you want to know what I mean?

- The sweat becomes more profuse and there may be a strong odor (bad smell), especially in the armpits, which requires the use of deodorant or antiperspirant.

- The exit of acne (pimples, pimples) on the face, chest and back.

- Armpit hair growth.

- Hair growth on the genitals (pubic hair).

- Hair growth on legs and arms, which can be thick and dark (it depends on the breed).

- The so-called growing pains appear, especially at the level of the knees, although it can also be felt in large joints.

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