End of course. Nice children's poem to say goodbye to the school year

End of course. Nice children's poem to say goodbye to the school year

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Children have been waiting for you for a long time, many of them are counting the days for a long time ... Holidays are already around the corner! The end of the school year is a time of sadness for many children, who say goodbye to their friends, but also liberation because many weeks of games and fun await them. Here we propose a children's poem entitled "End of course" to put the finishing touch and say goodbye to the school year.

When school is over

we make A big party,

with sweets and a snack.

We all dance, we sing

We are a little sad

but at the same time very happy.

We hug nervously

we run from one side to the other

and we have said goodbye

making a big fuss.

The teacher shakes us

and gives us a lot of kisses.

He says he loves us very much

and awaits our return.

To my best friends

i will miss a lot

and when I come back from town

we will all play together.

I will spend the summer there

I'll go bathe down to the river

and I will fish with hooks.

And we'll see each other very soon!

These verses are designed to say goodbye to the year in style and celebrate how much both teachers and students have learned. Here are some ideas to enjoy this poetry even more.

- Read it at the end of year party
Many schools organize different end-of-year parties in which parents become the most dedicated audience. You can read this poem in front of all of them so they know how great the school year has been. To do this, you can choose a representative of the whole class to be in charge of reciting it, or you can do it together.

A good idea is to recite it in unison, for which you could learn it by heart, or have each child take charge of a verse.

- Illustrate the poem
You can work on the poem in class: reading it in a low voice and out loud, looking in the dictionary for words that children do not understand, inventing more stanzas, etc. And finally, you can ask your students to illustrate the poem or to draw what their own holidays will be like.

- Put music to the verses
What if instead of a poem it was the lyrics of a song? Between all of you, you can choose a rhythm, a melody and even a choreography and interpret the verses in front of other classes at school.

- Talk about emotions and feelings
This poetry can also be used as an excuse to talk about emotions with children. Ask them one-on-one or encourage them to talk in small groups about how they feel. Some may feel relieved that they can spend a few days without doing homework, others may feel sad because they are going to get away from their friends ...

Many teachers are looking for fun educational resources to make the last days of the course unforgettable for their students. Therefore, below you will find some other ideas to enjoy these days.

- Play to celebrate the end of the course
"The end of the year party is coming" is a play that you can organize among the whole class to represent at the school festival. The script is about some children who organize a very funny talent show.

- Fable about the beginning of the holidays
The animals from the forest school go on vacation. What have you learned during these days? Find out in this fable!

- The best songs for the end of year party
And if you are organizing a festival or a very fun party to close the course, these songs cannot stop playing. They are musical themes that you have surely worked on throughout the year or in previous courses and that children like and amuse them a lot.

Happy end of the year everyone!

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