When giving a gift to teachers has become an obligation

When giving a gift to teachers has become an obligation

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The end of the course arrives and the debate reopens: should we give the teachers a gift? It is a very controversial issue and in which everyone has an opinion, that is why I want to express mine today, above all, because I am against this new trend, although I participate in it, and that is for me giving a gift to teachers has become an obligation.

Every year I repeat the same phrase: 'Next year I will not sign up for the gift from my daughters' teacher', but in the end I will do it again, because I do not want the next time I go to look for them after school The creators and promoters of the WhatsApp group 'Gift teachers' point a finger at me or criticize me for the low, and, also, because the last thing I hope and wish is for someone to label my little ones for 5 or 10 euros.

For me, this fashion of giving gifts to teachers is another example of consumerism in society and, also, of looking good in the gallery. By this I do not mean that we should not be grateful and recognize that the work that teachers do is extremely important for the development and education of our children, but I sincerely believe that it is getting out of hand.

Luckily, in my eldest daughter's class, giving gifts was 'cut' when they entered primary school, something that I don't really understand either because, even though I am against it, what happens, that these types of teachers no longer deserve a detail ? Incoherent!

On the other hand, I have found out that in the other second grade class, a group of mothers has decided in a 'petit committee' to make a gift to the teacher, with which we will reach the end of the year and we will meet with that some teachers have gifts and others do not, embarrassing to the maximum!

In the case of the little girl, in the first year of childhood, the house has been thrown out the window. There are 25 children in class and they have put 10 euros to make a 'gift' to two teachers: the tutor and the English teacher. In total we have a whopping 250 euros to spend !!! Mothers have decided to make a Converse-type sneakers with the names of all the children (quite a detail, but I doubt if they will wear it to go down the street) and ... pay attention! an experience in a hotel for two people. Is it exaggerated or not?

I do my job and nobody pays me for it, and nothing happens. I keep coming with my best smile to look for the latest pregnancy news or new educational techniques to help other parents who, like me, care about their children and try to educate them in values.

Sometimes I receive negative comments because the article has not liked a reader and I take good note of it, and other congratulations because I have been able to help a mother or father in a time of crisis, but nobody sends me gifts and not for that I'm going to stop putting myself in front of the computer. Why do you have to do it with the profession of teachers? Why not do it with doctors or pediatricians, who also play a very important role in the lives of our children and in ours? Why is a 'Thank you' not enough?

I am left with the phrase that my colleague Marga SantamarĂ­a, educational coach and pedagogue on this subject, wrote a few days ago, and that helps me not to see everything so negative and, above all, to think that we are the parents who are to blame for this whole show : 'We teachers do not measure the gift, nor do we assess whether there is one or not, we already have our gift every day with our students'.

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