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11 things second children teach their parents

11 things second children teach their parents

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Having a second child is an experience that is lived differently from the arrival of the first child. We will no longer face it with uncertainty, we will be prepared and we will know how to react, but we must also count on the fact that now we have to share the parenting and care between two. We will be more tired, but, our second son is going to teach us many things that will make everything more bearable.

All these things and many more will teach us our second son or daughter, but above all we will learn that parenting can be lived from another perspective and from a greater fullness.

1. Peace of mind
Being parents for the second time gives us confidence and security. We already know how to hold the baby, bathe him, feed him and reassure him if he cries. We have the experience that we have acquired with the first and we will raise it from serenity and calm. We no longer have to consult our mothers on the phone, read books and magazines about parenting, or answer questions online. We will be more relaxed parents (in principle) or with other types of concerns.

2. Not so much attention is necessary
Just because you have to take care of two, you won't have the time you had when you were a first-time parent. Surely you will not sterilize the pacifiers as much as the first time, nor will you go to the pediatrician for minor things, nor will you be aware of the night surveillance camera, nor will you read as many stories as the first. And yet, you will see it grow free and safe.

3. Simplification
We will be exposed to making quick decisions and doing several things at the same time. The simple idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving the house and putting the children in the car already requires a significant effort. We must take a stroller, unfold it and then store it in the trunk, take diapers, bottles, change clothes, food, toys ... But we will see, little by little, that we have to be more practical and that we need less than half of the things that we carry and that, if not, we can always improvise.

4. Share
The little one will inherit the older's clothes and toys. They come to this world already with the idea that they are going to share their things and their emotions, and they do it naturally since they have not known another situation.

5. Unconditional love
The second children will teach us to multiply our love. Each child is special and unique. It is the greatest love that exists and now the delivery is double. Show this feeling to your two children, they need to know that you are there no matter what.

6. Independence
The latter are more independent because not all eyes are on them. We are much busier than when we had only one child. But do not worry because the second son is making his own place and is becoming self-sufficient.

7. Conformity
Second children are more conformist. They are used to having to share, inheriting clothes and this has made them develop acceptance.

8. Patience
You will face situations in which you will need a lot of patience. While the baby is colicky, the older one falls to the ground for a typical two-year-old tantrum. The second child will make us more tolerant in the face of adversity. The secret is to respond to them with firmness and strength, without losing your temper.

9. Resilience
As the two brothers grow up, we will face other challenges. It is normal for them to fight for our attention and have arguments. They will want to use us as a justice of the peace and they will subject us to an emotional exhaustion that is sometimes difficult to bear, but over time we will develop the capacity to resist frustration and we will relativize things, explaining to them that they have to resolve their issues through dialogue and from respect.

10. Courage
With the second child we will have fewer fears and worries. It is natural that we are braver and have more courage in difficult situations. We already know how to handle ourselves.

11. Complicity
If we have siblings, we will have already experienced the unique complicity that occurs only in this type of relationship. Now we will see it from the outside among our children, who will cover each other to defend themselves from any scolding.

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