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The box of stories to stimulate the language of children

The box of stories to stimulate the language of children

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The babbling begins before the first year of life. Later, around the age of two or three, the development of his more complex oral expression begins, but it will not be until the age of 5 that he will begin to tell his first stories and tales. At that time, families often ask therapists what they can do as parents from home to help their child. Here I introduce you the story box game to stimulate children's language.

As always, we recommend a stimulation based on playful play and for this we will propose a simple activity of no more than 10 minutes. Although, before it will be important to follow the instructions that we indicate below on how to create your box of stories and stories with the help of a box, a dice and some simple cutouts:

1. How to create the box?
You can buy or recycle any box you have at home. It is not necessary that the size be very large, although it will always depend on the quantity and size of the cutouts that you want to add inside. You can even use sacks or bags, although quite possibly in this second case the cutouts should be laminated to prevent them from wrinkling and spoiling easily at the first use. In either case, it will be important that the container is not translucent so that the choice is totally a surprise.

2. How to create the cutouts?
The cutouts that we choose will be the most important detail of the activity and it will be important to choose well among our options. For example: among younger children, we can choose images from the internet or from magazines (landscapes, characters, objects, etc.), while in older children we can choose words (concrete, abstract, simple, complex, etc.). Even being able to mix both options, images and words. It will be up to your choice to laminate them or not.

3. How to get a die?
The last ingredient of the game to add will be a simple dice, being able to take it from any board game (ludo, goose, etc.) or if we prefer, download it easily and for free as an application on our mobiles. The function of the die will be to tell us how many cutouts we should choose from our box or bag, and therefore, how many components our story will have.

Do you already have your die at hand, your box ready and are you all around it? Then we started to play and, incidentally, to improve our oral expression.

Step 1. We roll the dice
The number of the die that comes out when launching it will indicate the amount of cutouts that we will have to take from our box or bag. Understanding that if we are lucky enough to get a small number our story will be shorter and easier, while if on the contrary we get a large number, like five or six, our story will be more difficult and we will need more planning and effort.

Step 2. We take the cutouts from our box of stories and tales
Once we have them, we can put them on the table and begin to order them in a way that facilitates the creation of our story or tale. For example: if we put the characters and landscapes at the beginning, it will be easy to start by saying “There once was a boy named… who lived in…”

Step 3. We explain our story
The story can be narrated aloud in the case of children or in written form in the case of adults. You can offer more or less help, as you consider it. And even record your stories so that you can later repeat them and comment on them, facilitating self-correction.

Ready to start playing and training? Remember that practice makes perfect and that you can play and modify the cut-outs in the game, being able to create a wide variety of stories and possibilities.

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