To Gloria Fuertes. A children's poem dedicated to the beloved poet

To Gloria Fuertes. A children's poem dedicated to the beloved poet

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Gloria Fuertes is part of the childhood of several generations. His poems have in some way marked the lives of children of different ages and different parts of the world. Therefore, today the poet Marisa Alonso dedicates a beautiful poem for children entitled 'A Gloria Fuertes'. Next, we have made a small compilation with some of the verses that are more fun and beautiful for the little ones in the house.

It was a fairy Gloria


and as in his stories

also salty.

With stiff bangs

and mouse eyes,

gave candies,

and sweet bonbon.

It was a fairy Gloria

although without a castle,

his father was poor

a simple man.

His mother cleaned

in a office

and Gloria wrote

with very fine feather.

Orphan as a girl

she was very alone

and grew up right away

jumping the waves.

Write then

his consolation was made,

wrote verses

in fine handkerchiefs.

Made a cornet,

then it was a hat,

filled it with stories

pipes, candies.

And distributed them

free for heaven,

to children and adults

all over the world.

Do your children know the poetry of Gloria Fuertes? Whether your answer is negative or if you have already immersed them in the wonderful universe of his verses, we recommend that you take a look at the following poems. All of them are very inspiring and fun, so they are an ideal educational tool to bring children closer to the poetic genre.

To enjoy them even more, in addition to reading them all together, you can make explanatory drawings about the poems, you can invent melodies to sing (or even rap) the verses, you can continue the poetry with stanzas of your own harvest, you can learn them by heart and recite them in front of of friends and family ... The idea is to organize fun activities around poems for children to enjoy even more with them.

Here are some of the poems of Gloria Fuertes preferred by children.

1. The little chicken
Surely you read these verses in your earliest childhood, since it is one of the most famous poems of the children's poet. In fact, when reading them, it is impossible not to hear the wrinkled and deep voice of Gloria Fuertes reciting it for all the little ones. 'I'll wait for you here, laying an egg ... I coughed, and I put two.

2. Doña Pito Piturra
These singing verses continue to attract the attention of children today. Due to its shape, it is easy to create a melody that you can sing at all hours. You will have a great time!

3. The leg messes up
If there is a poem by Gloria Fuertes that is always very funny for the little ones, it is this one, who have a lot of fun screaming with all their might every 'cua, cua, cua' of the plucked leg that stars in the poem. Perhaps you can make up some verses with other farm animals. What do you think of?

4. The rooster alarm clock
Can you imagine having an alarm clock for every morning as fun as this rooster? 'Kikiriki'. Surely it would cost your children a little less to get out of bed! If they are young and are at that stage of learning the sounds of animals, this poem can give you the opportunity to do a little review of the different onomatopoeias that sound on the farm, in the zoo and in the jungle every day.

5. Don Pato and Don Pito
In addition to being funny for the little ones, this poem is a great tool to work on the retention of children. And you can encourage your children to learn it by heart (even you can make the effort) to say it out loud. So that it is not a boring task, you can suggest that each one learn a verse. In this way, in addition, you will put into practice the attention span of your little ones, and your own!

6. Mother's verses
And to finish, we propose a beautiful lullaby with which your baby will relax and end up overcome by sleep. Did you know that lullabies have a tool to strengthen the emotional bond with your little ones?

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