What is it for and how to take advantage of a children's nightstand

What is it for and how to take advantage of a children's nightstand

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Have you ever heard of the nightstand? It is a utensil that was previously exclusive to technical drawing and that today, thanks to the Reggio Emilia educational approach, has been given a new and innovative meaning adapted to the inexhaustible curiosity of the smallest of the house. In fact, here is the first of the advantages of the nightstand, it is ideal for children to know as many things as they want. Keep reading and you will discover what is the bedside table for and why is it so advantageous for boys and girls. In addition, we give you some tips to get the most out of it.

The night table is a didactic and game element that children (and also parents) like a lot, and it is that, from now on, it has become an educational resource used in many study centers and in many homes. In case you haven't seen any up close yet, you should know that the light table is a surface that has a light base on which the little ones can give free rein to their imagination. Its great advantage lies in the sensory base on which hundreds and hundreds of artistic creations can be made.

Why is it one of the children's favorite toys? Well, because, as you may have already noticed, light draws a lot of attention to all the little ones, even more so if fascinating things can be done on it. To give you more information, we will tell you that the light table is based on the Reggio Emilia educational approach, a pedagogy that has thousands of followers around the world and that, as with the Montessori method, is based on allow the child to be the protagonist of learning or, in this case, also from the game, encouraging him to reflect and experiment for himself.

In turn, this educational method thinks that the most successful thing is to create an appropriate space for children to have resources at their disposal to develop their imagination, their creativity, and to decide what they would like to discover on that day. Once again, the adult only exercises the role of mere guide.

Let's see now what are the advantages of this striking light table.

1. Stimulates the sense of sight through sensory stimulationl. Colors and shapes are highlighted so it is very easy to catch the attention of the little ones.

2. Increases the innate curiosity of children, or rather, we could say that it encourages them to discover for themselves and let their imagination run wild.

3. It is excellent to favor attention, memory and concentration. In addition, it is indicated in the learning of subjects such as mathematics, language or social sciences.

4. The fine motor skills largely while gaining mental agility.

5. Being a manipulative activity, academic learning is encouraged and it goes without saying that it is perfect for free play.

6. Did you know that if you lower the intensity of the light, you will have a relaxing element ideal? You can use it a little before going to sleep to be able to better sleep.

Having a nightstand is as basic as knowing how to use it correctly and for this we have these ideas.

The nightstand is a good playful educational resource that has to be used in various ways to make the most of it. Depending on the model, you can do these or those activities, but to give you some basic notions, we will tell you with the bedside table, you and your children will be able to put reading and writing into practice.Place with letters of the alphabet in addition to math concepts like addition, subtraction or multiplication, and all this in the most manipulative way there is!

On the other hand, it allows you to spend very entertaining moments playing with raw vegetables or creating stories that seem real from pieces of cardboard. Artistic creations free are the order of the day and, to review the knowledge of science, we have from the constellations to the periodic table through nature and the environment.

We are fans of the nightstand!

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