The Angel. Poem to read with children after the death of a brother

The Angel. Poem to read with children after the death of a brother

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It is difficult to put words to what it feels like when a child dies, just as it is impossible to understand why it happened. Death is a very difficult concept for adults to digest, which makes us avoid the subject when educating the little ones. However, when this misfortune occurs, we must find a way to talk to children about death, and children's stories and poetry can be a good resource.

Then you can read 'The Angel', the most tender poem by Marisa Alonso dedicated to children who have suffered the death of a brother. These verses will be a little ray of hope for all parents who also have an angel in heaven.

The boy is gone

has gone up to heaven,

with great dismay.

His little sister

does not understand why,

why god so good

has led to him.

Oh my God!

give it back to me,

that I without my brother

I'm dying of pain

And if it is impossible

fulfill my wish

take me with him.

Her parents listen to her

with serious spirit,

with a little angel

they already have enough.

And the child in the sky

the angels await you,

two big stars

and the three archangels.

And they are in heaven

looking expectantly,

waiting for the child

that comes radiant.

The party begins,

the drums sound,

Do the honors!

His happy sister

has seen him arrive,

know that in heaven

there is one more angel.

Below we collect other stories and poems from our site that will help you discuss the complicated subject of death with your children. After reading or reciting them with them, you should have a conversation with the little ones to make sure they have understood the writing properly. For this, it is best lead the conversation with a series of questions like 'what do you think death is?' or 'why do you think people are so sad when a loved one dies?'

In this way, in addition to listening to the opinion of your children, you will know better from which plane you should speak to them: if from a more childish one or if they are already prepared to assume the true meaning of death.

Then the following stories and poems andThey approach death in a different way, so each of them will be appropriate for a different moment:

- The butterfly flew
This is a poem of hope after death: it feeds the illusion and hope of the little ones (and adults as well) after the loss of a loved one. It is a poem that can help with the question of 'when do we die, do we go to heaven?'

- The butterfly and the death of the goldfinch
Sometimes, to protect children, we lie to them or hide the most complicated realities from them, such as death. And this is what happens to the butterfly that is the protagonist of this story: it waits for its friend the goldfinch without knowing that he had died. When, finally, one of his friends in the forest tells him what happened, the pang of pain is even greater. Will this story also serve as a reflection for parents?

- The old man and death
On this occasion we propose a fable by Samaniego in which Death itself appears. The moral of this story encourages us to enjoy every second that we live, because life is the most beautiful possession we have. For your youngest children to understand the story well and give it the appropriate focus, they will need you to be by their side reading it.

- Babies who do not arrive
And finally, we propose a story dedicated to all those parents who have to face the death of a baby and the joy that comes with the arrival of a rainbow baby.

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