12 short poems to enjoy (even more) with kids on vacation

12 short poems to enjoy (even more) with kids on vacation

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Holidays are rest, they are getting up late, they are sea, they are games ... But they can also be poetry! We propose a unique activity for summer days: read short poems as a family, all of them related to the summer period. Below you will find a small compilation with beautiful verses by the poet Marisa Alonso. All of them are accompanied by great games or activities to continue enjoying the story they tell.

One of the figures that we immediately identify with vacations and with summer are the sailing boats. And, if it is impossible to take one and go sailing across the wide sea, at least we have poems like this that transport us to the ocean. To complement the reading of this poem, we suggest you make your own paper boats with Origami. They are very easy!

Nine sailboats

they have gone sailing,

I have counted nine

among the waves of the sea.

Among crows and seagulls,

there are nine, and I count again,

nine sailboats

they have gone sailing.

With outstretched sails

driven by the wind,

nine sailboats

have inspired this tale.

The following short poem (with only two stanzas) that we propose is one of those poetic pieces that invite children to dream and imagine a thousand worlds that are yet to be discovered. So after reading this poem you can ask your child to draw a picture with what he has imagined or what has inspired these verses. You will be surprised, for sure.

In a spaceship

runs down the beach,

fiuffff, fiuffff, fiufff

and his fantasy to the wind.

With a paper airplane

in hand, imagining,

and I get on with him

and we are both dreaming.

And if you are looking for a poem that you can learn by heart fast (and by the way exercise your head) to recite it in front of friends and family, these verses are what you are looking for. In addition, due to its repetitive and constant rhythm, it could become the lyrics of a simple song that you all invent.

Up and down

go down and up,

through the sky

goes the cloud.

Go down and up

up and down,

for land

wheat and straw.

If there is something that we should not mind enduring on vacation, it is waiting, because we have more free time. However, adults and children alike continue to freak out when they take too long to serve us food in a restaurant or when the line to buy a bottle of water is too long. Therefore, we suggest that after reading this poem do an exercise of conscience and try to take your holidays with a little more calm and good humor.

If the wait is long

nobody is bitter sweet.

If the wait is short

no one cares about waiting.

But if the wait is vain

I'm going if I want to.

This poem tends to be very funny to children, since in part they feel a bit identified: who would not like to become a minnow to to be able to play with the waves and the ocean currents! After reading this poem, we suggest you continue enjoying other children's poems about the sea written by Marisa Alonso.

So hard it blew

in the sea one day the wind,

who went to protest

fish with fuss.

But the little ones

in big waves risen

to blow harder

they asked him funny.

If there is one thing that fascinates younger children, that is the dinosaurs. Their strong claws, their powerful teeth, their fierce little eyes ... they don't scare them at all! After reading this poem about the Tyranosaurus Rex, you can continue investigating about him and the rest of the dinosaurs.

Many, many years ago

a famous dinosaur

dwelt on our planet

Much bigger than a bear!

It was a terrible lizard,

with strong legs and teeth,

tall as a building,

but then, very ordinary.

With long and heavy tail,

he was voracious and fierce

and despite its size

a fast dinosaur.

He was the king of the lizards,

predator and carnivore

and that's why in the Cretaceous

the most feared animal.

Seagulls are very curious birds because of the way they behave. Has it never happened to you that you have gone to the beach and you have found some tracks of this bird? How funny! Therefore, from this poem you can play the footsteps game, for which you have to try to decipher which animals the different tracks belong to that you find on the Internet.

Among the waves of the sea

a seagull swings

and the boy from the beach

he has thrown his ball at him.

From the waves to the sand

the two have started jumping,

from the sand to the waves,

they haven't stopped playing.

Does your son know that he is a grouper? And a sole? And a trout? This poem starring a friendly fish that is always cold can give you the opportunity to investigate the different types of fish that are in the seas and rivers. Which one do you think is more beautiful? The clown fish? The surgeon fish? Try to draw them swimming and having fun in the sea!

There is at the bottom of the sea

a grouper that is very cold

and he's in the cave

with jacket and hat.

Like inside the cave

still cold

a manta fish has approached

and it has served as a shelter.

Oh! the love! This simple poem talks about a snail and a conch falling in love. Why don't you make up your own poem in which the lovers are other kinds of animals. You can choose your child's favorite species and make up a story (in prose or verse) that tells how they met and fell in love.

In the sand on the beach

a snail wrote

on a paper boat

a beautiful story of love.

From bow to stern

was washed away by the waves,

and the story of the snail

it came to a conch shell.

Happy the conch

made a beautiful song

and note by note on the ship

he sent it to the snail

When he saw the ship in the sand

the captivated snail

was left when listening to the notes

and instantly in love.

That's why they joined their lives

snail and conch,

for a paper boat

that carried and brought the waves.

Many families, instead of going to the sea on vacation, go to a city or their town. What a good holiday they spend with the family in the villages! This poem is dedicated to all of them, although it also conveys a very powerful message about greed and lack of generosity. After reading this poem, you can organize your own play as a game and imagine that it is you two angry men.

Between two small towns

a big apple tree was born,

gave beautiful apples

but a day, only two

The men who lived there

the two apples wanted

and they argued among themselves

without seeking peace and harmony.

The apple tree seeing that

I did not understand what was happening,

sharing was better

what not to eat any day

But there were only fights

so disappointed,

stopped giving apples

and died very wrinkled.

Even in summer, when good weather prevails, a little air can rise that ends up changing our plans. And this is precisely what happens to the protagonists of the following poem.

A gust of wind

with force push the waves

and has led to the sand

to a beautiful conch.

Clueless and dazed

see a red crab

who looks at her face down


Fighting against the current

a sailboat is lying down.

The force of the sea and the wind

just as the course has changed.

On vacation, when we have more free time, we spend more time on the Internet, with our mobile, with the tablet, with video games ... Although we have to limit and control the use of new technologies that our children make, these can also inspire to create a poem as funny and original as this one.

Home computer

they just connected.

My brother seeks news

because you want to inform

and my father some recipes

to be able to cook.

And I just heard

that we have "broadband"

and a good sign arrives,

but although I have searched a lot

I could not find it.

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