The thief of the portal. Children's poetry for Christmas

The thief of the portal. Children's poetry for Christmas

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Christmas is an ideal time to tell stories. But there are also many short and rhyming poems that your child will surely like. Poems that hold the child's attention and that sound sweet and melodic.

Here is a children's poem about the birth of Jesus. For an instant, the baby Jesus disappeared ... who took him away? Why? You can take advantage of this poem to work with your children on reading comprehension.

It was already night in Judea,

counted a shepherd boy

when when passing by a town

a baby smiled at me.

It wasn't a hollow smile

nor was it a playful gesture.

He also showed no complaint

although very poor he was born.

It was a perfect smile

that ... it was full of Love!

But seeing him so humble

sleeping on a drawer,

I got to feel very sad.

And it gave me such great sorrow

that, taking advantage of an oversight,

I took it as a thief

to take it with me

and be able to give you something better.

When the next moment

His mother no longer saw him

went to look for him among the people,

but neither did he find it.

Worried about her luck

I almost died of pain

And crying sweetly

between tears he sang:

'Who turned off the stars

taking your color?

Who has left us in the dark

robbing who made the sun?

Who prefers to be lost

and have no Salvador?

Who has taken my Child?

Who has robbed the Lord? '

Seeing that they wanted it there

as well as i would,

although fear was conquering me,

I had to make confession:

'I took it away for a little while,

I kept it in my heart

to say softly:

Child, I love you so much. '

The mother, with great relief,

smiling he replied:

'To do that, darling,

God must not be kidnapped;

just share it

the more people the better.

And that, wherever you go,

do well and give love. '

I, who was still small,

I learned the lesson well.

And since then I remember

that that Child, who was God,

Not only did he love me first,

it made me better.

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