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Names for boys with great personality inspired by literature

Names for boys with great personality inspired by literature

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What name do you want for your baby? We all hope that our son will finally like the name chosen in the future, that he feels represented by him and that it is meaningful. So if you are looking for a safe bet, you can look at the world of culture. We have made a list of names for boys inspired by literature. They are names of characters from novels or even emblematic authors, names that never go out of style and some have a touch of the most original. You will surely find the ideal name for your baby here!

Choosing your baby's name It is an important decision because it is something that you will take a lifetime. Some names with character even mark the personality of the child, so it is advisable to choose a beautiful name and avoid extravagances, not necessarily originality.

The names for boys inspired by literature They are traditional names, but they are not outdated. Nor are they subject to fashions so that they are called the same as many other children in their class. And most importantly, they are all names with great force and with all the magic that the books contain.

Who does not know even by hearsay the protagonist of Homer's Odyssey? This name is the Latin variant of the Greek name Odysseus and its meaning is related to a person of great character. The best, without a doubt, is that your child will collect all the ingenuity and desire for adventure of the literary character.

It is the name of Don Quixote. If this is not enough to convince you that it is the ideal name for your son, we can add that its meaning is 'ready for combat'. And it is also one of those little exploited traditional names that are reinvented to appear as original names.

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The relationship with the literature of this name of Scandinavian origin that means "ax" is found in the protagonist of Jules Verne's novel Journey to the Center of the Earth. It is also the name of a famous rock singer, so its strength is assured both by its meaning and its associations.

Speaking of the author Jules Verne, you can also choose this name of Roman origin that refers to the Julia family and was also carried by one of the most admired historical figures. Do you prefer to continue with literature? Then don't forget the cult author Julio Cortázar.

This name became very popular in the children of the Anglo-Saxon world thanks to the character of the novel by Charles Dickens Oliver Twist. It seems that its origin is Latin and has a meaning related to peace, but its best characteristic is that it is a rare name although it is not for that reason strange or extravagant.

In Spanish it would be Enrique, but in its variant in English it seems more attractive. Many parents choose it for the protagonist of the J. K. Rowlin novel, Harry Potter, because that is how the baby arrives with magic under his arm.

This name of Latin origin, which is related to the strength of the lion, has been creating a trend in recent years. Its literary connotations are found in the great Russian writer León Tolstoi, author of essential works such as Guerra y Paz or Ana Karenina.

We continue with the authors and we propose you this medieval name of the author of the Divine Comedy. It is a common name in Italy with a meaning related to the strength of what lasts, which seems like a guarantee for the future of your baby.

The victory is implicit in the meaning of this name of Latin origin that has not lost its freshness with the passage of time. Always topical, Victor is the main character in Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, and is also the name of the French writer Victor Hugo.

More literary could not be this name for a boy that has become more popular since the media Beckham chose it for his son. It is inevitable to link it with Shakespeare, romance and true love.

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