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Saint Francis Day, October 4. Names for boys

Saint Francis Day, October 4. Names for boys

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Francisco is a name for boys of Germanic origin that means 'free man'. It is a name with a great beauty of meaning that can be perfect for your child. We are facing one of the frequent names that can be used alone or as a compound name. In any case, Francisco exudes tradition and distinction. Celebrate your name day October 4, What is the day of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Francisco is one of the most special names that can be given to a baby boy. And it is that, in addition to its beautiful sound and meaning, it makes a small tribute to Saint Francis of Assisi. This saint is known for his austere life, but also for being the patron of animals and the environment. In addition, he was the founder of the Franciscan Order, as well as the Poor Clare Sisters, along with Santa Clara. Saint Francis of Assisi is often depicted surrounded by birds or with a wolf, but also with his stigmata and a skull.

Born between 1181 and 1182 in the Italian city of Assisi (hence his name), he left behind the luxurious life of his family to preach from poverty, simplicity and austerity. In fact, he is also known as 'The poor boy of Assisi'.

October 4 is the day dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi and, therefore, it is the day most celebrated by families who have a child with this name. However, there are other days on the calendar that are also dedicated to other saints who bear this name. Here are some of them:

  • On January 24, we have the special day of Saint Francis de Sales.
  • On April 2, the day of San Francisco de Paula is celebrated.
  • October 3 is the day of San Francisco de Borja.
  • December 3 is the saint of San Francisco Javier.

And, in case you like to celebrate with your loved ones his saintsWe have made a small calendar for October with the most relevant dates to take into account. Write down in your agenda so that you do not miss any of them!

  • October 2, Holy Angel
  • October 6, San Bruno
  • October 8, Saint Sergius
  • October 11, Our Lady of Begoña
  • October 12, Day of the Virgin of Pilar
  • October 13, Santo Eduardo
  • October 15, Santa Teresa
  • October 17, Santa Celia
  • October 18, San Lucas
  • October 19, Santo Joel
  • October 20, Santa Irene
  • October 23, Santo Leonardo
  • October 31, Santo Alonso

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Have you ever wondered why every October 4 we bring our pets to be blessed? Because it's San Francisco day! And, as we mentioned, San Francisco is the patron of animals and ecology. The priests of the different churches say a prayer for all the creatures that populate our planet. And all owners of dogs, cats, parakeets, rabbits and other pets can come to the temples so that their best friends receive a blessing.

Saint Francis is considered to be the patron saint of animals because he had the extraordinary ability to understand them. From his faith and his prayer, he managed to protect them and that not even the fiercest wolves would attack him. In his honor, every October 4 it is tradition to go to a mass that ends with the blessing of the hairiest (and featheriest).

This is one of the most common sentences:

Blessed are you, Almighty God,

Creator of all living things.

You created fish in the seas

birds in the air and animals on the ground.

You inspired San Francisco

to consider all the animals

like his brothers and sisters.

We ask you to bless

to this pet. Amen.

The name Francisco is known throughout the world with many variants, each one more attractive. We know Frank, Francis, Franz, Francoise, Francesco, Franco and the diminutives Cesc, Fran, Pancho, Chisco, Quico or Curro. However, among all of them, the most frequent is that of Paco. Undoubtedly, a great variety where you can choose the form of the name that best suits the personality of your child.

The number of personalities who have borne the name Francisco throughout history may help you choose your baby's name. In addition to numerous kings, it is worth highlighting the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya, the Italian Renaissance writer Francesco Petrarca, the singer Frank Sinatra or the Czech author Franz Kafka. Also, we meet countless recent important people with this name, such as Pope Francis.

Do you like compound names? Many children named Francisco have a second or first name that goes with it. And, although compound names had a time when their use was much rarer, Now they are back in fashion! Here are some ideas for names that match Francisco.

- Francisco Jose
José is a name that perfectly accompanies Francisco. As one of them is short and the other long, a beautiful, very balanced combination is achieved. José is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'to add'. By the way, when thinking of this name, the first historical figure that comes to mind is Prince Francisco José, Sissi's husband.

- Francisco Javier
This is another of the most common combinations when forming compound nicknames with Francisco. It gives rise to a name full of force that transmits great energy. Javier is a name of glass origin that means something like 'new house'.

- Juan Francisco
Juan is always a wild card for name combinations, because it looks good next to almost any other name for boys. It is a very nice name from the Christian tradition. Did you know what 'he who is faithful to God' means?

- Francisco David
How about Francisco David for a baby that is about to be born? Although it is a name that sounds classic, it is much more original than other names composed with Francisco. If you like it, you should know that David is a Hebrew name that means 'the chosen one by God'.

- Luis Francisco
And we couldn't finish this list of names composed with Francisco without this combination with Luis. This name is of German origin which means 'illustrious in battle'.

The number that corresponds to the name of Francisco, according to numerology is the 7. To calculate it, you must add the value of each of the letters according to the position it occupies in the alphabet. Those who trust numerology, assure that those who have the same number can boast of some shared traits.

In the case of number 7, which is Francisco's, we would talk about children who have impressive charisma. Thanks to this, they captivate without much effort all those who have the pleasure of meeting them. They are very nice since they are very babies, because they are always smiling and giving candy.

On the other hand, they tend to be very quiet children who do not like too much moving games. They would rather read a story than play with a ball.

If you have come this far why are you thinking of calling your baby Francisco, you should consider the following list. Even if you like the idea of ​​calling your little one Fran, you should first consider all the options at your disposal, don't you think? Therefore, below we propose other names that also begin with F and that have 5 or more letters.

- Frederick
Federico, Fede or Fred for friends, is a name of German origin with a beautiful meaning: 'prince of peace'.

- Fabian
Would you like to call your little one Fabian? It is a punchy name that has Latin origin, like its variant Fabio. His saints are January 20.

- Fernando
If there is a name with F that has a lot of tradition and history, that is Fernando. And if not, ask King Fernando El Catolico. It is a name of German origin that means 'smart and daring'. His saints are May 30 and June 1.

- Felipe
Another name directly with royalty is Felipe, named after the Spanish King Felipe VI. The origin of this name is Greek and its meaning could be translated as 'friend of horses'.

If you are finally going to call your son Francisco, congratulations, you are making an excellent decision! It's a lovely name. And remember: the day of Saint Francis of Assisi is October 4! It is noted on your calendar.

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