We discover first-hand what Baby Quality is

We discover first-hand what Baby Quality is

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She has been the eyes, but also the voice of many mothers concerned about feeding their babies. The journalist and mother, Isabel Jiménez, wanted to put Hero Baby to the test and has immersed herself in the production of the new Hero Baby jars to discover that 'they are what you see': 100% natural products, without any type of added, no preservatives or colorings. Do you want to discover it too? We tell you, or rather, she tells you herself!

Can you imagine being able to sneak into the production process of the jars that you give to your baby? That is what the journalist and new mother, Isabel Jiménez, did for two days to see first-hand the work behind each one of them, from the beginning to the moment the jar is closed.

And, best of all, Isabel has brought out her more journalistic side and has conducted several interviews so as not to lose detail of what happens in each of the production phases of the same. He has spoken with the farmers of the Murcia garden, where the best raw materials are selected for each product; has chatted with the communication manager of the Child Nutrition Institute in order to make sure that each jar has the nutritional balance a baby needs; And, also, he has spoken with those responsible for development and plant to verify first-hand that the Hero Baby jars carry more than three hundred controls throughout the production chain.

'It is not easy for a company to open the doors of its house for someone to observe, investigate, ask and tell the result. Hero Baby did it with me and I fell in love with a brand that is very clear that all its work and effort is for the feeding of the little ones. Challenge completed! I hope it surprises you too, 'says the television presenter.

Meat, fish, but also fruits and vegetables ... The new Hero Baby jars are perfect to give to your children when the pediatrician recommends that you start with complementary feeding and offer them new flavors and textures (you know that the most common is to start for fruits and then continue with other foods such as chicken, veal ...)

And they are ideal because they are made with great care, with great love and, most importantly, with natural ingredients and without preservatives, dyes, starch, palm oil or added sugars and salts, substances so harmful to the health of the smallest of home.

The way of elaboration is in a traditional way, as the grandmothers and mothers of a lifetime did. The ingredients are washed, cooked slowly and without haste, crushed, closed under vacuum with a heat stroke and subjected to a heat treatment similar to the usual water bath.

And so you know that this is so, here we tell you a secret! When you open a jar of Hero Baby, you will hear the POP, which is the characteristic signal that it is preserved correctly and that it is 100% natural.

It is not a matter of replacing the food that you make with so much love and care at home, but the Hero Baby jars can become a healthy and balanced alternative for those days when you are in a hurry, you have not had time to leave the puree prepared or decide to go out to eat as a family.

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