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Foods that worsen children's dental health

Foods that worsen children's dental health

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Of course all parents are clear that candy or sweets increase the risk of tooth decay, but, What other foods or situations can worsen the dental health of the most children? We tell you!

Cavities are cavities or damage to tooth enamel caused by the growth of microorganisms such as Streptococcus mutans, which become established, attached to the tooth, and form biofilms or small films that are very difficult to remove even with intense and exhaustive brushing of the teeth.

It should be taken into account, in fact, that in addition to the food in question, There are other factors related to the appearance of cavities, such as the frequency with which the food in question is consumed and the time it spends in the mouth. When a food is consumed infrequently and spends a short time in the mouth, sugars remain in the mouth for a short time and are easily eliminated by brushing, so the risk of cavities is low, and vice versa when food is spent a lot time in the mouth.

In the case of candies, gum or lollipops, In addition to being kept in the mouth for a long time, sugars can adhere to the teeth (especially if they are chewy candies), increasing the difficulty of removing their remains from the mouth, and facilitating the growth of bacteria related to tooth decay. In addition, any other food rich in carbohydrates or sugars creates the ideal environment for the growth of these bacteria in the mouth, aggravating the problem.

The fruits and juices they are another of the main causes of cavities if you are not careful. Eating the pieces whole and with their skin on is the safest and healthiest way. However, despite their importance in the diet of the little ones, some fruits, such as citrus fruits, contain, along with simple sugars (fructose), acidic compounds that, by changing the pH of the mouth, can cause damage to the toothpaste.

Curiously, it is during chewing of food that tooth enamel is most affected, being this maximum danger during the first minutes that the food remains in the oral cavity, since it is moving throughout the mouth. The damage is significantly greater if citrus fruits are consumed squeezed, since, in addition to having more free sugar, the liquid format is easier to reach all corners of the mouth, making it more difficult to remove or clean.

Like citrus, carbonated drinks, not recommended in the diet of children, they cause damage to tooth enamel. Although this erosion of the enamel does not necessarily lead to the appearance of cavities, it weakens the protective barrier of the teeth, making it easier for Streptococcus mutans to adhere to the tooth and end, in the long term, dental caries.

On the other hand, the health of the microbiota of the mouth is key to maintaining balance and avoiding the excessive development of Streptococcus mutans, which consequently means an increase in the appearance of cavities. Any food that contains compounds that facilitate the growth of Streptococcus mutans, or that contain antimicrobial substances capable of eliminating the beneficial bacteria present in the mouth or that have a microbial content capable of competing with them, interferes with the oral bacterial population and facilitates the appearance of cavities.

For example, el consumption of foods rich in yeast, Like some homemade breads in which the amount of yeast is much higher than what we can buy in the bakery, it can tip the balance towards undesirable microbial populations.

In the same way, antibiotic treatments, especially if they are of medium to long duration, can indirectly affect dental health, since they eliminate all types of sensitive bacteria, giving way to the more resistant populations that, in generally they have a tendency to be less beneficial.

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