The mule and the ox take care of the baby Jesus. Cute short Christmas poem

The mule and the ox take care of the baby Jesus. Cute short Christmas poem

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On our site we like, we love, we are passionate about nursery rhymes. And more, in a period as special as Christmas time. They are a perfect excuse to bring the little ones closer to the poetic genre and to spend a very special time with the family. On this occasion, we propose you a short Christmas poem entitled 'The mule and the ox take care of the baby Jesus'. Next, we suggest some complementary activities to poetry and more verses related to this time of year.

Here we leave you this poem dedicated to the birth of the baby Jesus. It consists of 10 beautiful verses that talk about the first days of the Child God. It is designed to be enjoyed as a family, but they are also a great educational resource to work with your students in class.

The mule has looked at the ox

when Jesus has wept,

with the heat of their bodies

the little one has been wrapped up.

the mule then cradles him,

while the Virgin rests

winking at the moon.

And all three to the child God

Come asleep in your crib.

If you want to continue enjoying this children's poem, take note of the following family or school activities that we propose. You will love them!

1. Recite individually
As it is a short poem, we can suggest that the children recite it alone in front of the rest of the class, in front of their friends or with their relatives. If they are older, you can encourage them to learn it by heart and if they are young try to learn only the last words of each verse, which are the ones that contain the rhyme.

2. Recite in a group
A good game to work on the cooperative skills of children is to recite in a group. This means that each child learns a verse and, as they come together, they recite it each in turn. In this way, it can be done in pairs, but also in trios or in larger groups.

3. Put music to the verses
A great way to keep having fun with a short poem is to put music on it. Since it is a Christmas poem, you can choose the melody of an existing Christmas carol. But you can also make up your own song and make this poem part of the lyrics. Instead of a melody, you can create a rap or a rhythm that you can accompany with different percussion objects that are close to you. Using the zambomba would be a great idea.

4. Make up more verses
Does this poem seem too short? You can always make up more verses! Keep telling the story of the birth of the baby Jesus in a poetic way. You can talk about the arrival of the Magi and the star of the East that guides them, about the shepherds who will see the child ... Soon you will become poets!

5. Draw the poem
This poem is very inspiring. What if you draw it? Grab paper, pencil and paints ... and draw! Don't forget the mule and the ox that are giving the baby Jesus so much heat.

6. Create your own Nativity Scene
If you have not put the birth yet, this poem is ideal to accompany the special moment of placing the figures. You can buy them in the different stores, but you can also create them yourself with recycled materials.

7. Do a theatrical performance
You can also do a play to represent the birth of the Nativity Scene. Have you thought about who the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph could be?

And, before finishing, we make a small compilation with other Christmas stories and poems with which the children will have a great time during these dates.

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- Jesus, Mary and Joseph
This is probably the most beautiful Christmas poem by Gloria Fuertes. He talks about everything that happened in the crowded manger in Bethlehem when the child was born.

- The Nutcracker
There is no Christmas without 'The Nutcracker', a beautiful fantasy tale in which little Clara experiences in the first person the battle of her beloved nutcracker against the king of mice.

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