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Santa Teresa Day, October 15. Names for girls

Santa Teresa Day, October 15. Names for girls

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Teresa is a name for a girl of Greek origin that means 'the huntress', although there is no shortage of who attributes a Greek origin to her with the meaning of 'miraculous'. In any case, it is a perfect name for your daughter because it combines tradition and simplicity, providing a touch of distinction. Celebrate your name day October 15, which is the day of Santa Teresa.

If you have (or are going to have) a girl named Teresa, mark in red in your diary on October 15, because it is the date on which her saint is celebrated. This holiday is made in honor of Saint Teresa of Jesus, also known as Santa Teresa de Ávila.

This Spanish nun, known and revered throughout the world, was the founder of the Order of Discalced Carmelites. But it was also an admired mystical writer whose works continue to amaze us today. If you want to read part of his work, do not hesitate to investigate a little more in his texts, available at the Biblioteca Foral de Bizkaia.

His saints are celebrated on October 15, since this was the day of his death in 1582.

In addition to Saint Teresa of Jesus, there are many other sacred people who have borne this name and who celebrate her name day on other dates. These are some of them:

  • June 17: Saint Teresa of Portugal, who was Queen of León.
  • July 13: Santa Teresa de los Andes, Chilean Discalced Carmelite.
  • August 9: Saint Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz, martyr of the Second World War.
  • September 5: Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Albanian nun.
  • October 1: Saint Therese of the Child Jesus or Teresa of Lisieux, French barefoot Carmelite.

If you are interested in knowing the rest of the saints for the month of October, do not miss the following list in which we inform you of the most relevant saints of the month:

  • October 2, Holy Angel
  • October 4, Saint Francis of Assisi
  • October 6, San Bruno
  • October 8, Saint Sergius
  • October 11, Our Lady of Begoña
  • October 12, Day of the Virgin of Pilar
  • October 13, Santo Eduardo
  • October 17, Santa Celia
  • October 18, San Lucas
  • October 20, Santa Irene
  • October 31, Santo Alonso

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The name Teresa is known throughout the world with some variations thanks to religious tradition. We especially like its French variant Therese and its English diminutive Tess. In addition, its diminutives in Spanish are very varied, such as Tere, Terelu or Teté.

The number of historical and current characters that we know with the name Teresa may help you to choose the name of your baby. From the nuns who gave the name great popularity, such as Saint Teresa of Jesus and Mother Teresa of Calcutta to the Roman Polanski film 'Tess'.

It will also be curious to know that, according to numerology, Teresa's number is 5. This would mean that girls with this name are usually very independent and active. Although they like to be cared for, they always need time to be alone, to enjoy their own freedom. On the other hand, they tend to like to be the center of attention, something that is not usually too complicated for them, since when they have confidence with the people around them they are very nice.

Compound names are out of fashion, but now they are back! Which makes us wonder ... What names match Teresa? What compound names can we form from this name?

- Maria Teresa
This is the most common combination of names. María, which comes from Hebrew and means 'the one chosen by God', is one of the best options when it comes to forming composites with Teresa.

- Teresa Lucia
This compound name sounds very nice because both names create a very harmonious contrast. Of Latin origin, Lucia refers to light, so it could mean something like 'the first light of day'.

- Teresa Pamela
If you are one of those parents who like combinations of names loaded with symbolism and elegance, you will love this compound name. This name means 'all sweetness'. Did you know that his saints are on November 1?

- Ana Teresa
Simple and pretty. This combination of names is a winner, always. Ana is a name of Hebrew origin and means 'benevolent' or 'compassionate'.

If your baby has not yet been born and you are here looking for names like Teresa, it is possible that these others that we propose below you also like. Like this first one, these other girl names begin with T. Let's look at some of them.

- Tamara
This name conveys serenity and finesse, don't you think? You will like to know that it is of Hebrew origin and that it refers to palm trees. How exotic! Tamara's name day is celebrated on September 1.

- Tania
Among the girl names with T we could not forget this: Tania. Its origin is Russian, nothing more and nothing less, and it refers to royalty.

- Telma
This is a very original name that can also be found spelled as Thelma. To find the origin of this name, we must search among the Greek names, as with Teresa. But, in this case, it means 'the favorite'.

- Thais
In recent years, the name Thais or Thays is increasingly being heard. It is very exotic and its meaning is very curious. Coming from Latin it means 'beautiful for many years'.

As we have already told you before, Teresa is a name that has Greek origin. Therefore, it may be curious to know with what other frequent names, which are heard a lot on the street, share roots. The following list can also be very useful if you are expecting the birth of your baby and you like the names of these characteristics.

- Sofia
Among all the Greek names, Sofia is one of the most used today. Its meaning is the most beautiful, since it refers to wisdom. Hagia Sophia is September 18.

- Alicia
If you like names that start with A and you are a big fan of Greek culture, Alice is the name you are looking for for your baby. Did you know what 'noble' means? In the case of this name, its saints are June 27.

- Barbara
Long names like Barbara convey elegance and poise. You should know, however, that in the ancient Greek world it was used to designate foreign people. December 4 is his name day.

- Delia
Do you like this Greek name for your baby? It is a risky option, since it is not very common, but it is very beautiful to the ear. It means 'visible'. There are parents who celebrate their saints on December 16.

- Irene
It is very possible that you know some Irene, right? It is a popular name among girls born in recent decades. Its meaning could not be more beautiful, and it means 'peace'. October 20 is the day of Santa Irene.

Most importantly, don't forget to congratulate all the girls named Teresa on October 15!

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