Letter to the Magi to think about how we educate children

Letter to the Magi to think about how we educate children

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In the last days of the year we all take the opportunity to take stock of everything that has happened in the year and how we have acted in this regard. Have we lived in a conscious way? Have we stopped to reflect on the way we educate children? Have we transmitted values? On all this reflect the following letter to the Magi written by a mother. Do you join the reflection?

Dear wise men,

The end of the year is approaching and it seems that tradition, life or the need to stop invites us to look back and take stock of what has been lived and how it has been lived. It is time to realize, to reflect and to be grateful.

And how do we plan to do all this? First and foremost stopping. Let's not forget that before starting what you have to start, the first thing is to stop, stop and stop. Stopping brings us to the present and in this case, it is a very conscious present looking at what we have lived, with the experience and maturity that the passage of time gives us.

I'll tell you how I do it in case it gives you some ideas:

- Throughout the year, at home, we have been making 'jam of happiness'. What is this and what does it taste like, you may be wondering. It consists of putting in a transparent container, colored pieces of paper on which we have been writing or drawing beautiful situations or anecdotes that we have considered important and that we wanted not to be forgotten.

Before the end of the year, we will read them as a family. And this is a way of realizing, of being aware of what we have lived and of being grateful for the luck of having been able to live it.

- At this time, it also seems that hearts soften more, that generosity and solidarity have more opportunity to knock on our door through activities such as donations, volunteer actions ...

I like to emphasize, be more aware that if during the year those people need our help, at Christmas, because they are the dates they are, they need even more than we can and want to help: making a solidarity purchase , helping in a soup kitchen, spending an afternoon in a home for children without resources… All this can be done all year round. In my house, we not only do it at Christmas, but at this time almost when we enjoy it the most.

- It is also time to give thanks. There are many people who help us and accompany us in our day to day or in our specific needs during the year: grandparents and uncles, school teachers, neighbors, perhaps doctors or specialists in some area who follow us , colleagues and colleagues from work and school ...

And what is the way we want to thank? The truth is that it is valid any day and at any time of the year. But in this Christmas season of soul-searching, we can also take advantage. You can make a craft, a Christmas greeting, some healthy cookies ... and if someone wants, buy a gift. The important thing is that it be done with and from the heart.

- And of course, we also want to order. Ask for myself, for ourselves and for others. Asking and wishing a good year is what we all want, it is what we say to ourselves and wish ourselves right in the first minutes of the beginning of the year. Here each family, often linked to beliefs, asks God for it; And why not, we also ask life, the Universe, energy ... or the will power of each one.

Thank, ask, become aware ... All of this brings us to the present, allows us to realize it, gives us the opportunity to be more alive and to want to continue growing and learning in this life. It is fantastic that our sons and daughters see these values ​​at home, because they will learn them. They learn what they see and not so much what we tell them. Attitude, you learn at home.

Sharing the Christmas season with our children gives us the opportunity to learn with them values ​​and experiences that seem more conducive to these days, although they can really accompany us throughout the coming year.

Happy new year to all and my best wishes for the new year that will begin. I wish you a conscious and positive attitude.

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