Physical changes

Physical changes in preadolescence

Physical changes in preadolescence

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They say that adolescence is getting longer and longer and that is why we find children who should be adults. But it also begins earlier and thus we find all the changes, doubts and concerns typical of adolescents in boys and girls from the 8 years.

Each stage of the development of your child it must be treated with tact. Preadolescence is not easy with all those physical and emotional changes that you will have to face as a family. But to help preteens understand the changes they are undergoing, parents must first understand them.

It is inevitable, babies stop being babies and almost without realizing it they pass from children to adolescents. The moment is going to be announced from the 8 or 9 years with the stage known as preadolescence, where boys and girls begin their journey separately and begin to realize all the changes that their body is experiencing.

Preadolescence begins around the age of 9 and lasts until the age of 13 or so. It's not just about how your body changes, it's about your behavior as well. In this stage it is observed how children They become more related to other boys their age and distance themselves somewhat from girls. For its part, girls They also prefer the company of other girls and it is at this time that they begin to share secrets.

Preadolescents' relationship with parents also changes, not radically, but gradually. Thus, they begin to isolate themselves in their room, avoiding contact with the rest of the family. They turn more distant and it will be the behavior they adopt until past adolescence. Patience, affection and a lot of tact, parents must not lack to successfully overcome this period.

It is in the early preadolescence, when children still resort to His parents looking for advice and advice, when we should try to explain to our children what is happening in their body. It is changing, the body is growing and beginning to take the form it will have as an adult.

Explaining the physical transformation naturally is essential for those children who suddenly hit the stretch, their genitals become more evident and hair begins to appear all over their body in the case of children. And if there is a characteristic physical trait of preadolescence, it is the acne, something that no matter how common it is, can cause more than one complex.

The physical changes of girls are almost more evident than those of boys. The chest grows, the hips widen and hair begins to emerge. In addition, at the end of preadolescence will be when their first menstruation. It is time to explain to the girl the need to accept as soon as possible all the physiological processes that adulthood entails.

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