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Recipe menu for children's breakfast

Recipe menu for children's breakfast

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Start the day with energy by making a rich and healthy breakfast for you and your children, since it is the most important meal of the day. With these breakfast recipes you can make breakfast a special moment to be lived, if possible, as a family.

At school, children will have to spend many hours doing physical and mental activities that wear them out, so we recommend that you compose a complete menu with some of these children's recipes. Complete, healthy, practical and easy to prepare breakfasts.

Simple and easy ideas for family breakfast

Apple pancakes. Apple pancakes recipe. Starting the weekend with a good breakfast can make this moment an ideal occasion to be with the family. Follow the recipe for apple pancakes, very easy and quick to make for children.

French toast. Easy French Toast Recipe for Kids. How to make french toasts for children's breakfast. Learn to make the French toast recipe step by step. French toasts recipe for children. We will tell you how to make French toast in a practical and quick way for breakfast or a children's snack.

Cereal with strawberry and banana. A spring breakfast for moms can be this recipe for cereal, strawberry and banana. A recipe for children with many vitamins and very fresh for spring and summer.

Yogurt with cereals and blueberries. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for children, so we recommend a recipe for children of yogurt with cereals and blueberries.

Homemade milk bread. Homemade milk bread recipe, for breakfast or children's snack. An easy recipe to make that our site teaches you to prepare step by step.

Muffin and cupcake recipes. For children there are few greater diversions of kneading, mixing and playing in the kitchen. For them we have some recipes for children of muffins, cupcakes and muffins to cook with the children.

Milk rolls with cereals. Children love sweets and pastries, so to get a healthier breakfast that they like, we suggest this children's recipe for buns with cereals.

Homemade glazed donuts. Homemade donut recipe for children. A classic among children, donuts are one of the sweets they like the most for a snack, especially if they are teaches us how to make this simple and easy recipe for children's breakfast.

Cereal bars with apricot. For a complete and very energetic snack, prepare with your children this recipe for healthy and natural cereal bars with apricot. Recipe for energy bars for children made from cereals and fruit.

Muesli with kiwi and raisins. Good infant nutrition begins with breakfast. For parents we have this children's recipe for muesli with kiwi and raisins, a different and digestive breakfast.

Cereal bars with chocolate. Children love chocolate, and now you can give it to them in a healthy and energetic way with this recipe for cereal bars with chocolate chips, so they keep playing non-stop.

Crepes with fruit. Get a healthy and balanced snack for children with this recipe for crepes with fruits. Recipes with fruit for children. Traditional recipe for crepes. Learn how to prepare fruit crepes with this rich and easy recipe. The fruit crepes are ideal to enjoy for breakfast or for a children's snack.

American pancakes. our site offers you a recipe for American pancakes that is very easy and quick to make. In addition, it allows the participation of children in its preparation. Enjoy your meal!

French toast. We offer you the best Easter toast recipes for children. Easter is a very special time in which some typical dishes are prepared, we suggest that you try a recipe for children of torrijas, the most typical sweet of these dates. Different ways of making Easter toast.

Banana bread. We propose a great way to introduce the banana into the child's diet without them noticing. Learn how to make this banana bread recipe for a healthy children's breakfast. It is a very easy dish to make at home and is perfect for making children's toasts in the morning for the first meal of the day.

Sobaos pasiegos or homemade buns. Homemade pasiegos sobaos. A quick and easy recipe for children's breakfast or snack. our site teaches you how to make some of the most delicious and wonderful sobaos pasiegos

Muesli with red berries. With this recipe for muesli with fruits you will get a complete breakfast, full of nutrients, to start the day with a lot of energy! Keep muesli, strawberries, raspberries, and dried fruit on hand. It's very easy to do.

Scrambled eggs. The best and richest recipe for children. Who doesn't like scrambled eggs? But not everyone knows how to make them so that they are fluffy, light and rich. Thinking about it, our site has prepared a recipe with which you will achieve perfect scrambled eggs. We tell you the ingredients and the step by step of how to make delicious scrambled eggs.

Ham and cheese crepes. The crepes are simple and fast, they serve for a snack or dinner and you can add different fillings. Don't wait to try these Kid's Soft Ham and Cheese Crepes.

Chocolate milkshake. How to make a homemade chocolate shake for children. our site offers us to make the children's favorite shake: the chocolate one, for hot days. A whole classic.

Strawberry and cherry smoothie. Strawberry and cherry smoothie full of vitamins and antioxidants, both for children and pregnant women. We explain how to make this refreshing and creamy smoothie.

Pineapple and orange smoothie. Orange and pineapple smoothie recipe. On hot days, children also suffer the effects of high temperatures. That is why you can follow our recipe for children of pineapple and orange smoothie, a light drink.

Strawberry and banana smoothie. Vitamin C, folic acid and calcium, this strawberry and banana smoothie contains the necessary nutrients to be a perfect fruit dessert for children and pregnant women.

Carrot and apple juice. Juices are an important source of vitamins and ideal for hot seasons, so we recommend a recipe for children of carrot, apple and orange juice.

Homemade cookies. Homemade cookies with margarine recipe for children. Learn how to make your own homemade cookies with margarine with your children to serve at breakfast or snack time for the children. Guiainfantil teaches you how to make this recipe step by step.

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