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The most special names for girls in 2020, perfect for your baby

The most special names for girls in 2020, perfect for your baby

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If you have come this far, it is likely that you are pregnant and your baby will be born in 2020. Congratulations to the parents! Although the process of choosing the ideal name for the baby is lived with joy and great enthusiasm, sometimes it can be a bit complicated. There are many people who try to comment on the best or worst name, you have to take into account the day of the saints, what is the origin and the meaning ... To help you decide, in our site we have compiled a very complete list with the best names for girls in 2020. They are perfect for your baby!

We started this name guide for girls born in 2020 doing a review of some of the most popular. Based on the rankings of the most frequent names of the previous years, we can anticipate to make a list with those that will probably continue to be heard this year around the world.

This is one of the most fashionable names in countries like Spain. This popularity is not accidental, since in addition to having a very beautiful sound, its meaning is even more beautiful: 'the one that shines' or 'light'. Surely the birth of your baby brings a lot of light and joy to your home, right? The Saint of Lucia is celebrated on different dates, although possibly the most popular day is December 13. On this day, very beautiful parties are held in countries like Sweden, where girls carry candles to bring light to the cold winter.

Maria has been, for many decades, one of the most popular names for girls around the world. This name, which has been translated into almost all languages ​​(Mary, Marie, Maryam, etc.) is of Hebrew origin and means 'exalted', 'the chosen one' or 'the mother of God'. It is often used as a simple name, but it is also popular as a compound name. Among the days on which its saints are celebrated is August 15, Assumption Day, or September 12, Day of the Sweet Name of Mary.

One of the most beautiful names heard on the streets around the world is Martina. How nice! Without a doubt, many parents choose it because it transmits a lot of strength. It is a Latin name that is related to the ancient Roman god Mars, god of war. Her name day is celebrated on January 30, the day on which we have even more reasons to give a huge hug to all the little girls who bear this name.

If there is a girl's name that conveys sweetness and kindness, that is Gabriela. It is related to the archangel Saint Gabriel, who according to the Bible carried the most important message to the Virgin Mary: her motherhood. Gabriela is a Hebrew name that means 'protected by God'. He celebrates his birthday on February 1 or September 29 and many of the girls who bear this name prefer to be called by the diminutive Gabi or Gabri.

Many Mexican parents choose this name for girls because it sounds beautiful and, also, because its meaning has made them fall in love: 'with the Virgin Mary'. If you are thinking of choosing this name for your baby, you should know that its origin is Latin and that its saints are celebrated on May 26 in honor of Santa Mariana de Quito.

Nice name! Guada is a beautiful name for a girl like yours, especially if she is born with very black hair. And is that one of the meanings of this name is 'river of black stones'. You should also know that it is a name of Arabic origin that many parents in Mexico choose in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the beloved and venerated patron of the country.

Of Latin origin, Luciana is a name that, despite having a long tradition since it has been used for many years, is still in force. It is a variation of the name Lucia, so its meaning is also related to light and light. Its origin is also Latin and shorter forms such as Luz or Lucy are often used.

This name has been gaining many points in recent decades, especially in countries like Colombia where there are more and more small ones that are called that way. And it does not surprise us, because its meaning could not be more pure and beautiful: 'peace', 'health' and 'harmony'. Its origin is Hebrew and its saints are usually celebrated every October 22. It is a name that appears several times in the Bible.

Isabella is a name ... beautiful! Don't you think? There are several options from this name. On the one hand, Isabella, but you can also choose Isabel, Bella or even Isa (which is a nice diminutive of this name). Its meaning refers to beauty, but there are experts who explain that it means 'promise of God'. His saints are celebrated on February 20.

Catherine is a name of Greek origin that many parents choose because it means 'pure' or 'immaculate'. There are many Catherine that have become famous throughout history, but undoubtedly one of the first was Saint Catherine of Siena, highly venerated in Italy. Many girls who bear this name prefer to be called Cati or Cata. Do you like it for your baby? His saints are celebrated on April 29 or March 24.

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2020 is a great year, full of extraordinary events, ephemeris to celebrate and, of course, joy, because your little one will be born. Here we propose some names for girls in 2020, since they are related to the events of these days. Which one do you like best for your daughter?

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the British poet and novelist Anne Brontë. In tribute to their literary career, some parents might choose the Spanish version for their babies. Ana is also the name of Jesus' grandmother, so her saints are celebrated on July 26. A lovely name for a girl!

Did you know that 2020 is the centenary of the canonization of Joan of Arc by Pope Benedict XV? Before deciding if you like this name for your daughter, which, by the way, is the feminine form of the name Juan, find out about this historical character. Joan of Arc was a brave woman who led the French army in the Hundred Years War against England. This name is very popular in countries like Mexico.

This is a very original and different name for a girl who, in addition, pays homage to one of the princesses (the one with the yellow dress) from the Super Mario saga, who will turn 35 in 2020. In addition, this name alludes in English to the daisy flower and, of course, to Donald Duck's girlfriend. The characters of the different television series, video games, as well as literature are always a great inspiration to choose the name of the baby.

If you are thinking of giving your son or daughter a strange name, you must first make sure that this name is allowed in your country. To do this, you must look in the documents and records of your city, where you will find lists of allowed and prohibited names. For example, here you can investigate more about the registration of names admitted by the Government of the Province of Córdoba (Argentina).

October 6, 2020 marks 150 years since the founding of the Italian city of Rome. This beautiful corner of the world, which falls in love with everyone who visits it, can inspire you to call your baby. So did the presenter and Spanish influencer Risto Mejide and Laura Escanes with their little girl.

2020 will be a year full of music and it is the 250th anniversary of the birth of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Why not name your little Luisa in her honor? This is a name whose origin is German and means 'famous warrior'. Are you ready to raise your little warrior?

What criteria are you following to choose or rule out the possible name of your daughter? Some parents choose it according to its origin. Therefore, below we have selected some ideas as an example according to their origin.

Name that is gaining more and more popularity among girls around the world. Its origin is nothing more and nothing less than German and means 'the one who is strong'. A sweet name with a very powerful meaning for your baby.

If you are looking for a nice Greek name for a girl, Sofia is a good option to consider. Its meaning is one of the most beautiful that you will find, and it is that it refers to intelligence: 'the one that has wisdom'. There are many famous women in history who have borne this name, such as the former Spanish queen.

One of the most cute and popular names for girls in 2020 that you are going to find right now. In this case, it is a Latin name that means 'healthy' or 'robust'. Many of the girls who bear this name Valeria prefer to be called Val or Vale.

And if you are looking for a name of Hebrew origin, maybe Daniela you like a lot. Its meaning is 'justice of God' and, as with its male version, it is one of the most frequent names for babies born in 2020.

This is one of the beautiful Basque names that are used in all corners of the world, sometimes under the spelling Ainhara. Its meaning is 'swallow'. Cute and original, right?

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Are you looking for original and unique names for girls in 2020? The following nicknames could serve as inspiration. Take note! Although different, all of them are beautiful and their meaning brings personality to the girls who wear it.

Different but elegant name where they exist. By giving your girl this name of Latin origin, you will be giving her a touch of spirituality. Did you know that it was a popular name in 19th century England and France?

Although more and more parents choose it to call their baby, April is still a different name that few girls can boast. As you imagine, it is related to the fourth month of the year and means something like 'freshness' or 'freshness'.

Can you imagine calling your baby Rain? Well, many parents have chosen it because it transmits lightness and nostalgia. It is a name with a great symbolic charge that actresses such as Lluvia Rojo have previously worn.

If you like short and forceful names, Ada can be a fabulous option to call your girl. It is a name of Hebrew origin that appears in the Old Testament as Esau's wife.

This is a nice name for a newborn baby, especially if you like those that sound exotic. Amira is a name of Arabic origin that means 'princess'. Given its meaning, it is the favorite name of many parents who consider their little girl their little princess, even before birth.

Do you like compound names? A few decades ago it became fashionable, although it was falling over time. However, this custom is now recovering. The good thing about giving your child a compound name is that you don't have to just stick with a name that you like. It is a nice way, for example, to pay tribute to the two grandmothers.

Be that as it may, here are some compound names that could greatly favor all girls born in 2020.

Maria del Carmen
This is a classic but very successful combination to call a girl. The first name is Maria, one of the most used to form compound names. Although María del Carmen is the more formal name, it can also be found as Maricarmen or María Carmen. As the most frequent diminutive, we have found Mamen.

Ana Victoria
Another very appropriate option for a compound name since it combines a short name like Ana with a longer one, Victoria. It is an interesting option for all those looking for combinations that sound classic, but at the same time different.

Elena Cristina
Elena (who can also be found as Helena) is a name of Greek origin that means 'the one who shines'. On the other hand, Cristina is also a name of Greek origin, but it means 'she who follows Christ'. By joining both names we find a very elegant combination that is appropriate for any girl about to enter the world, don't you think?

Daniela Rocio
Would you like to name your baby girl this? First you should know that, as we have already told you, Daniela, of Hebrew origin, means 'God's justice'. However, Rocío is of Latin origin and means 'woman with grace'. It is, therefore, a beautiful name whose meaning is even more special.

Mariana lucia
Putting two names together, why not join two that are very popular. The result of this combination is Mariana Lucía, a beautiful name that would look good on any girl.

It may happen that the doctors tell you that it is a girl but on the day of delivery ... surprise! It's a boy! Have you thought what name you would give him if he were a boy? Here we give you some ideas of names for boys of 2020 that you will like. They could inspire you!

In recent years this has been a very used name among babies. Its origin is German and its meaning is 'intelligent'. Very good option!

Among the most popular names for boys of 2020 is also Pablo. It is a cute name of Latin origin that means 'small or weak man'.

This is one of the most traditional names for men but, no matter how the years go by, they do not lose their validity. It can be used as a simple name, but also accompanied by other names for children such as Juan Luis or Juan Antonio.

As with the previous name, José or Jose (depending on how it is pronounced) is still very popular with children. In fact, if you stop to think about it, you know more than one man with that name.

Wherever you go, you may meet an Alexander. And this name is so popular that it has been translated into many languages: Alessandro (Italian), Alexander (German), Alexandre (Portuguese), etc. The meaning of Alexander is 'the one who protects men'.

We end this list with another very frequent name that many parents like: Daniel! This is the name that the son of Jacob and Rachel bore, and it means 'God's righteousness'.

Decide what names for girls in 2020 (or as children, if necessary) you like them more, it is difficult because there are many and very beautiful options. The best thing is that you let yourself be guided by the name that sounds best to you, the one with which you would like to call the little person you love the most for the rest of your life. How exiting!

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