5 cute short animal poems for kids

5 cute short animal poems for kids

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Poems are great tools to improve children's attention and memory. For the little ones, you can start with very short and funny poems, which powerfully attract their attention.

We offer you five very short animal poems for children. Surely you can use them to encourage your child to love literature. They are ideal for all those little ones who love animals.

With these poems, you can improve your child's attention. They are ideal for reading to younger children. From the age of 3, you can already ask him to try to memorize some. It is a fun and very instructive game for them.

Behind a salmon

a shark swims,

hunt it in alaska

tired both.

Scared yells:

Nooo, please

my life is very short

Opening his mouth

let it escape

and upstream

seen him swim.

I grew up very happy,

looking at the moon

in the sky.

Cri cri sang to him

"you are the prettiest"

and the moon laughed

next to the stars.

Cri cri sang to him

"you are so Beautiful"

and the moon was shining

believing herself goddess.

They have put glasses to see

and jumping to school,

happy, hopping.

Do you see the letters with the glasses?

- The teacher asks him -

and the bunny answered:

I see much better now!

they saw her in spring,

they envied her beauty

and they did not see his blindness.

His big dark eyes

they let see their sadness,

of extraordinary beauty.

Sad cute butterfly

among all the most beautiful,

although their eyes do not see

everyone looks at her.

There was a lion in the jungle

who became famous soon,

because he was born without a mane

and without a fool's hair

And they believed in the jungle

that I would be self-conscious,

but I was always happy

roaring from side to side.

everyone called it that

and for being a great example

as king they proclaimed him.

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